September 27, 2007

I wonder if there’s some big game that came out that I should talk about…

Okay, okay, fine. Halo 3.

It’s a shooter and it’s pretty good. It’s obviously well-made. I’ve been skipping all of the plot, though, because I don’t really care… whenever someone talks to us, Jonathan and I yell “WE’VE GOT GUNS! WE WILL SHOOT YOU! VIOLENCE SOLVES EVERYTHING!” I think there’s a plot, though. People on Talking Time seem to be trying to dissect it. There are even Marathon-style terminals, apparently, with more plot. I haven’t found any, though.
In any case, I can’t imagine playing through it and being entertained without Co-op. It’s just that much more fun. I can’t wait to get into some sort of 4 player co-op game on Legendary and bring everyone down! Because I will.

The real reason I got the game, though, was for multiplayer. I’ve been having so much fun with the Talking Tyrants in Halo 2, I wanted not to miss out on a moment of it. Just last night, I jumped into a huge game of Forge that people were doing… the dicking around was beyond entertaining. I picked up Mr. Beatall in a tank and flew him around the level while he shot at people on the ground… it was fun, fun times. Just that alone seemed worth the price of admission. Add that to all the normal online matches I’m going to play, with great new variants I really enjoy like VIP, and it’s going to be worth the cash in the long run.
Oh, also, you can have up to four guests playing online with you, this time! So I can bring a full splitscreen worth of people into online matches. I expect to do this a lot. Spaeth and Jonathan and I have already played a fair share of Big Team Battle matches, and it was good times. Granted, it’s always better to have the full screen for these things, but the enjoyment of co-ordinating with people in the room with you can’t be beat.

Anyway, with the cool features that make it easy to pull screenshots out of Halo 3, I thought it prudent to reset up the image dump gallery I used to have… I think I’m using a different backend now, but that was just because it was so easy to set this up. (Fantastico is a great resource for people who are only partially knowledgeable about these things like me) I guess all my WoW screenies are lost to time, now, but oh well. No big deal. If I lose these, it won’t be a big deal either. But you can either click here or use the link on the top bar to go look at the gallery if you’d like, though. Yes, it’s ugly and default. I might change it sometime if I get the urge. But it’s mostly just a way to upload pictures and store them easily so I can link them other places with little hassle.

Well, guess I best be getting back to class… fun times… fun times…

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