April 23, 2010

An attempt to explain why this class frustrates me.

At the moment of writing this, I am sitting in the hallway of Grauel, waiting for my research class to start.

I’ve tried to explain why this class has frustrated me so much several times before, and I’m going to try again, because, you know, why not, right? Maybe this time I’ll get it.

Remember back in grade school where you had to write a report? This report was simply a statement of facts, and you added nothing to it. It was mostly busy work. Sure, it might have helped you to learn how to construct things, but you were really creating. You were just copying.
Eventually, as you moved into high school and beyond, you moved away from such reports. The focus was on critical thinking, on finding the evidence and the proof, but then using your noggin to work with them, and work it into something worthwhile, different, and more interesting. You put those facts and figures towards a point, and that point is yours. You own the point. It’s yours and you have created it. The end result is something that you can claim.

I’ve gotten used to being able to claim my work. I’ve gotten used to being able to use that personal connection to what I did in order to motivate me to complete things on time, and to work harder on them than maybe I should.

This class doesn’t have that. In fact, it is actively keeping me from having that.

The class’s main assignment is completely devoid of my touch. It is clinical. It is boring. I’m not used to doing that anymore. I don’t want to do that anymore. It seems, in some way, lesser in nature. It frustrates me a lot.

This is why I hate this class.
Time to go work on this class.

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