September 25, 2007

It’s Halo Day! And That Means I Talk About…

My new phone! Hurrah!
Seriously, though, Happy Halo Day, everyone! Rejoice and finish the fight! Or something! I’ve been enjoying Co-op with Jonathan, but it’s not like… awe-inspiring like Bioshock was, or anything. It’s just fun. The game is well made, and things with co-op are fun. So… yeah.
Anyway, where was I… oh yeah, my new phone.

I’ve got my new phone up and working, and it’s a lot better than my old phone, although confusing. Weird things like this “Ok” button serving the purpose I normally expect a “Cancel” button to do, for example.

Anyway, here is a list of things I’ve gotten my phone to do, and things I want to figure out how to make my phone do.
My Phone Can:

  • Play DivX and Xvid videos, though bigger sized videos make it lag. Converting to a smaller size would probably fix that.
  • Make phone calls without creating an annoying echo for the person on the other side, like my last phone did.
  • Play old adventure games via SCUMM VM (although the picture tends to be a bit too tiny to play something I haven’t already beaten, because you can’t see small details)
  • Be large.

I don’t know how to make my phone:

  • Do a countdown timer. I keep looking for a program online to do it, but people think I’m going to pay 15 dollars for a silly clock program because they’re insane. There has to be a good freeware countdown timer out there somewhere. I just have to find it.
  • Go into Speakerphone mode. I think I just need to read the manual for that one. It has to be able to do it.
  • Easily close programs when I close them. I think it might just be how Windows Mobile works. But whenever I close something, it doesn’t really close. It just minimizes, only there isn’t like… a task bar or anything to use to close them. They just run invisibly, and I have to pull up the task manager to close them. It’s kinda annoying, but not a deal breaker, perse.

Anyway, it’s quite nice to have a phone that can actually do shit instead of the intentionally hobbled SLVR I had before. I can also sit there and wish that cell companies weren’t charging insane prices for data. 40 bucks a month? Fuck no. Give me 10 dollars a month unlimited data, and I’ll pay for it, most definitely, just to have AIM and such on the go.
But yeah, it’s nice. And the SD card I bought for my SLVR works just fine in this one with the converter, so I didn’t have to spend extra money on storage, either. Fun times.
I don’t know if I should get a case for it, though. I’m not worried about the exterior, I’m worried about the screen… and cases that cover the screen that I’ve seen are completely annoying to use… I dunno… I should look for one, I suppose…

Oooh, think I found a lead on a countdown timer… Blog: END!

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