September 24, 2007

I felt like updating, but felt compelled to write about nothing interesting.

So here I am, week of Halo 3. I’m kinda excited, though mostly because I have so much fun with the Talking Tyrants. I find I’m best at CtF and Territories… mostly because you can help out in those without actually having to kill anyone (grabbing the flag and running like an idiot, or just running from lightly guarded territory to lightly guarded territory and capturing them for a few minutes). This sort of thing is why I’m probably going to be a Medic or an Engineer most of the time in Team Fortress 2… or maybe a Scout, in the “capture the flag” sort of objectives.

Anyway, life has been pretty okay, I suppose. My phone still hasn’t shown up. If it doesn’t get here today, I’ll be unhappy, because this is the night I have nothing else to distract me from fiddling with it… in any case, I’ll write one of my stupid rambling reviews after I play with it… it can apparently run SCUMMVM, or so I hear. It will entertain me trying to play Day of the Tentacle on there.
Mostly, though, as far as games on the thing are concerned, I hope to get a good version of Frotz to play text adventures. It seems well-suited to text adventuring on the go, since it has a full keyboard and shit. Eh, anyway, we’ll see. I’m mostly just dreaming of a magical life with a new phone. It might get to me all fucked up, as far as I know, or I might have trouble activating it. I’m sure you’ll hear about it here, if it does. Damn, I’m so interesting.

In the class I’m going to in a few moments, I get to Photoshop up a cover for an album that an imaginary band has. I am, of course, using my fictitious solo project, Girl in Drag. I’m gonna be fucking around a little with all the imagery in the opening to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to make weird faceless bondage cover. The title of the album? reStrained. Witty? No? Oh well. Tracks include “Sex Is An Enjoyable Pastime” and “Asterisk Ampersand Exclamation Point Dollar Sign.” Pick it up at your favorite fictitious music store today! I’ll probably share the cover, if it turns out decent…

Ramble ramble… ramble ramble…

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