February 27, 2010

Class Anger. Grr.

I mean, seriously.

I am just kind of going crazy with this Research class.
Yes, I’ll get everything done. Yes, I’ll survive and pass it just fine. I’m not going to let it hold me back or anything.

But DAMN. So frustrating.

The core of the frustration stems from the way the majority of the assignments are framed. I have these “research problems” with very, extremely open-ended questions that have extremely specific answers to them. I hate that. I need to find a “reputable source” for this or that, but what does that mean? I could find a reliable source for that information, but goodness, I used Google, so it doesn’t count. It just makes me want to punch something. It is a den of frustration.

Can you tell I’ve been working on this stuff all morning?
I’m frustrated.
Arg. Ugh.

It’s just frustrating because it’s been a long time since I had a class that made me mad. I’d kind of fallen in love with this class stuff. I’d really taken to it. Really clicked with academia, you know? But then this class.

Okay, I’m done being angry now.
Okay, not completely, but I’m done being angry in my bloeg.

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