February 25, 2010

I Hope, I Think, I Know

I’m pretty sure, if I write another book of poetry after this one, it’s going to be all Oasis song titles.

Why? Fuck if I know. I mean, I still have a very unclear idea why every poem in Why I Am Here, Even Today is titled after a Presidents of the United States of America song.

But yeah, that’s probably going to happen. I don’t have a good idea for a plot, perse, but I’m sure if I start writing some poems, it’ll slowly form, and then I’ll throw out all those old poems, and write new ones…
You know, maybe I shouldn’t try to mimic my process on the last one and be more efficient.

Anyway, it kind of occurred to me that I feel like Why I Am Here is pretty done in my head. I mean, it’s not. Plenty of revision and stuff to come. And the Deleter could probably use a few more poems. But it FEELS finished. So it’s probably going to be really close to finished. And so my head moves on to other potential projects that I don’t have time for.


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