February 19, 2010

Sapphire for Bonding

I once suggested, casually, that Jonathan try League of Legends. “Oh, it’s like DotA,” I said. “You’d probably enjoy messing around with it.” He said he’d try it.

Now, basically all of his free time is spent playing it. He’s dropped a sum of money on new Champions, and plays at least a game every day, if not more. He’s having a great time.

And I’m along for the ride.

He keeps asking me to play, and I’m more than happy to. Especially when we get on voice chat through Steam and play, it is a ton of fun. I’m finding Champions that fit my play style, and really getting good with them. Just the other day, I went 3/3/5 with Twisted Fate, which I just find completely awesome. (That’s three kills, three deaths, and five assists. I had the lowest death count by a big amount.) I also really have gotten the hang of Taric, who I enjoy every much, even if he has some of the stupidest things to say as he moves about. He fits my play style perfectly, being a strong, heal and buff-based tank.

Every other day or so, Jonathan and I will play a match. We’ll stick together on one lane. Jonathan will give me play advice coming from the fact that he plays all the time, and I’ll play a good game, though certainly a more simple game than some who teleport around the map all the time. It’s… pretty great.
One thing I missed about Jonathan moving out was the fact that we had less time to do things like this. It became a serious schedule issue, and it sort of killed our “us” time. He’s my brother. I want to do this kind of bonding with him. Playing this with him all the time is really doing that for me, and it’s pretty fantastic. Hell, I even re-came out to him while playing LoL. It’s just a great medium for that kind of thing. The fact that it’s fun is just a side benefit.

I have a feeling we’re going to keep playing matches for quite some time. Eventually Jonathan will move on, and I’ll not be interested without him to constantly talk about it and draw me in. But you know what? That’s okay. We’re having a great time, and that’s the important part.

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