January 31, 2010

A lovely day to buy a TV.

When the big snow storm of winter comes, what does someone do?

Buy a TV. Obviously.

Mass Effect 2 was pissing me off. Why? It was so good, but I couldn’t read a damn thing in it. It had HD Tiny Text EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t level up because I couldn’t read what skills did. I couldn’t read tutorials. It was awful, and I was very frustrated.

It was the last straw.

I’ve been constantly looking for something to buy lately. I don’t know why. I feel like I have a lot of savings, and I’m handling paying for my therapy with absolutely no hitches. Maybe Gamefly really is saving me that much money. I’ve been working hard, and I knew it was only going to get harder. There’s so much to do. So why not get something nice? I deserve it, right?
I kept looking at laptops. I don’t really know why. As cool as a laptop is, I don’t see a need for it, really. I know I don’t. It’s just a neat idea. I kept going back and forth with buying one, always ending up backing out.

Then this HD TV idea got into my head.
Similar cost, but here is something that I would, literally, every single day. Giving that extra bit of quality to my gaming, but also letting me do things like read the stupid text in all these games that seems to constantly elude me. This would be a lot of money, but it wouldn’t be wasted. Plus, I’m an adult now, with magic fake money. I could finance it, and continue building my credit.

I spent most of my afternoon looking for a TV, and I ended up buying this 32″ LG LCD television. I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 on it since I got it set up. And now I can read things.
Yeah, I think I made a good decision here.

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