January 29, 2010

Who’s the best killer bird? Hm? Who’s a good boy?

I have played some Split-Screen 360 Borderlands!
It leaves something to be desired.

For one, you can’t do system link split-screen or online split-screen, so my dreams of buying a second copy and setting two people up in Spants’ room and two up in Jonathan’s were dashed. Still, I’m glad I found that out before I wasted the money on it.

Secondly, the split-screen is really oddly implemented. Basically, it doesn’t resize the menus for you having half the screen. They’re the same size, and you basically have to move the camera around to look at the whole menu with the right stick. It’s kind of the experience of using Mobile Safari while you’re really zoomed in. It’s incredibly sub-par. I mean, it works, but it feels so very, very pasted on. You often can’t see what item your cursor is on or near because you had to move your camera down to where the item information box is. It’s really weird.

Still, it luckily doesn’t hinder one of the very best games of last year enough for anyone to care. It’s still a ton of fun in Co-op. I’ve only really played a Soldier, so I rolled a Hunter this time, since I sniped so damn much as a Soldier anyway, while my brother rolled a Siren. We both ended up really liking what we were doing. Jonathan enjoyed the Shadowwalking or whatever the Siren ability is called… internet search says it’s “Phasewalk.” Okay then. Phasewalk. Jonathan was really digging that, and he was murdering everything with shotguns.

Me? Well, I had heard a lot of questionable things about Bloodwing, the birdie that the hunter throws out as his ability. So, of course, I was dedicated to using the “Rogue” tree, since Pandora apparently exists in an alternate world where “Rogue” means “Bird-trainer.” Luckily, though, I ended up really liking the skill. Swipe is really quite awesome, I’m going to love when he steals health starting next level, and I enjoy the fact that it recharges amazingly fast. At least compared to the Soldier skill, anyway, which took a very, very long time to get up and running. With the Hunter, I can start any combat by critting someone with my sniper rifle, and then throwing out Bloodwing to take out a guy running for me while I snipe the other one. Plus, constantly using abilities is just a nice change of pace, since I’ve obviously shot all the guns in the game a ton when I was beating the game on PC.

But yeah, Borderlands: Still fucking awesome. I’m so fucking busy, I don’t know when I’ll get in another session with Jonathan, but I do hope we make it happen. It’s good times.

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