July 25, 2013

13th Age Adventurer Tier: On the Whim of a Coin Flip for 7/18/2013

Gathering their power, our heroes crush some butterflies and naked butterfly ladies. The Ballad of the Wonderheart is sung proudly over the fight, and everyone does their part to easily dispatch their opponents, using their new Level 2 abilities. After the job is done, the townspeople are extremely grateful, and celebrate by throwing a feast […]

July 24, 2013

Transitioning is Power

My friend Aaron linked to this thing on the internets, written by one Samantha Allen. (What is up with Thought Catalog becoming a thing recently, by the way? Random thought.) 7 Ways to be a Trans Ally, it says. It’s a solid article. If it’s the sort of thing you’re wondering about, or just trying […]

July 23, 2013

Here Is One Of Probably Millions Of Rants About What Bothers Me About The Castle Doctrine.

Jason Rohrer is a guy who I’m glad exists, overall. He’s just one of those insane visionary types, and you can’t help but respect his single vision and urge to create art. Many of those attempts work (Passage is pretty good, and I’ve heard great things about Diamond Trust of London, though I have not […]

July 18, 2013

This is a rant about being a furry that may not mean anything to you.

I got this book in the mail. It’s that Furoticon book I ordered like… years ago? At least 3 years ago. It’s really weird. Like… the cover is just… awful. As a non-artist that has put together acceptable cover art for physical books, it just looks cheap and self-publish-y. They even had this like… preview […]

13th Age Adventurer Tier: On the Whim of a Coin Flip for 7/11/2013

Taking up arms against the dandy band of rogues lead by Richard Hemmingsworth, Gentleman Thief, our heroes jump into battle in order to protect their mechanical friend, Murdock. Murdock takes quite a beating as the enemies gang up on him, trying to deactivate him. Glyff Searclaw, however, helps out, showing how he got his name […]

July 11, 2013

13th Age Adventurer Tier: On The Whim of a Coin Flip for 6/20/2013

Our heroes rush back through the MURDER MAZE, triggering one of the traps along the way to slow down and weaken their opponents. They get out of the maze in time to get the healing potions, but soon Ingrid Stomphowler, and her two companions, Virion Iroquois, the Mist of the Battlefield, and Frank Jones, come […]

July 7, 2013

Molyneux Text-Based Cooking Simulator 2013

I did another game jam. This one, of course, is Molyjam 2013. Faced with amazing inspiration from Peter Molyneux, I did the only obvious thing. I made a cooking simulator. You can play it here. The official Molyjam page for it is here. I hope you find it interesting, at the very least. Whoo, I […]