October 30, 2012

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Nerves, Halloween Costume, Save Bugs

Sometimes I really wonder about myself. More and more often, I’ll just be overcome by waves of panic. I’ll just have this feeling something is wrong, or I’ve done something wrong. It’s a really shitty feeling. I’m nervous constantly. I’m honestly really fucking tired of it. I mean, I have people who support me and […]

October 27, 2012

The Illusion of Greener Grass I Can’t Prove Doesn’t Exist Lingers Endlessly In My Head, Making Me Feel Like A Shitty Girlfriend And Write Long Blog Titles

So here’s a blog about some really potentially awkward stuff relating to, you know, sex. Not that I’m going to get all graphic or whatever. But if that’s not something you want to know about me, this isn’t the blog for you. But this is a thing I’m trying to think out, so I write […]

October 23, 2012

Pills Are Scary.

Yesterday, I felt horrible. I was so constantly nervous I was sick to my stomach. I didn’t feel like I could interact with anyone. I felt useless and awful and wanted to no longer exist. This morning I feel perfectly fine. Not happy, perse. I mean, I’m up early to work and I have to […]

October 19, 2012

A Fantastic Show About Ladies Kissing And Wanting To Kiss Each Other.

I don’t really know why I’m back in the groove of blogging more often, but I guess I won’t complain. I do some really annoying shit sometimes. Like, I’m in a fucking fantastic relationship, one I hope lasts for as long as I can imagine existing. I’m so happy. But I’m stupid. I’m bisexual. I […]

October 18, 2012

Now On Onthestick.com: My Article About Corpse Party

Oh, yesterday, my final article went up on On The Stick. It’s about Corpse Party, and it’s right here. I ended up writing articles about a lot of different things, but this is the one I originally wanted to do. Few games have creeped me out like this game, and I just doubted that many […]

October 17, 2012

Dream Journal: An Unwanted Encounter

I had a dream Tuesday night, but not like a Martin Luther King Jr. dream. You know, a dream, dream. It was also really weird and kind of upsetting, but I wouldn’t classify it as a nightmare. I didn’t wake up all flustered and messed up like I do so often from nightmares. I don’t […]

October 16, 2012

Now On Onthestick.com: Ponies.

Hello! I wrote another thing! Can you believe this shit? Me writing a thing? I mean, seriously. This one is about a My Little Pony fan horror game. I couldn’t resist a little trolling, so to speak, but for some reason they actually let me do it. So, uh, you know. Take a look at […]

October 15, 2012

Now on Onthestick.com: Hear My Frightening Voice In A Nice Podcast

Hey, look, more self promotion! And there’s going to be more for like two more days, so, you know, sorry about that. Anyway, that podcast I recorded with the On The Stick guys is up, and over here. I’d hope you’d be listening to it anyway, because I’d hope you’re a fan of their podcast. […]

October 14, 2012

Now On Onthestick.com: My Atom Zombie Smasher Article.

I’ve been such a good girl today, doing all my grading, that I totally forgot to post this. So I’m posting it now! My article on Atom Zombie Smasher is now up on Onthestick.com. It’s not a video game like the last time or anything, but, you know, apparently it’s pretty decent? So please do […]

October 12, 2012

“Behind Closed Doors”

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a furry. I mean, just look at the goddamn header. It’s something I identify with, like, and support. Some of the most awesome friends I’ve had are furries, or, well, sort of self-proclaimed “former furries,” and I feel like one of the main reasons why we […]