September 23, 2012

I’m A Small Child.

I constantly refer to myself as a child in front of my boyfriend. I talk to him about my child stomach that makes it impossible for me to eat a big meal anymore, or how I’m going to go buy this because I am six years old, and so on. It’s just me making fun […]

September 14, 2012

Both At The Same Time

Holy shit, a blog post? Dang, yo. I started following this awesome person on twitter recently. I kept seeing retweets from them and they were really funny, a friend of a friend I guessed, and when I looked at their timeline most of what they were saying made me smile. So, you know, creepy stalker […]

September 8, 2012

What Is The Appeal Of Being Surrounded By Attractive People?

I don’t understand eye candy. I mean, okay, I understand it? But I don’t. And I guess I need to give a definition of eye candy. I read a tweet from someone a bit ago which said something along the lines of “I must say, though, that the biggest benefit of my new neighborhood is […]

September 7, 2012

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there.

Hi, blog. How’s it going? Pretty good? Yeah, I’ve been doing okay. It’s kind of nice having enough going on in your life, and having enough awesome in your life, that I don’t have to update you daily to feel like I’m not a complete failure. I think that’s pretty cool, to be honest. But […]