August 31, 2009

Sort of like a magnet, only not really

Let’s talk about sexual attraction in a round-about, not as specific as I should be way. When I first got into the whole “being attracted to people” game, I was pretty much a complete n00b and getting into it significantly later due to the whole “unsure about my gender, thus unsure about who it was […]

August 30, 2009

A case for how fucking early I’m waking up.

So this first week had me pretty exhausted. Not because school was particularly draining or anything. It was simply because I was waking up really, really fucking early, and I am simply not used to that. BUT IT APPEARS IT SERVES A PURPOSE! I have been getting up early, and going to my office, and […]

August 29, 2009

Developers: Make a game, don’t make a Wii game.

People on the Podded Casts had mentioned that Roogoo was not shit. I had played the demo of it on XBLA, and gave them props for trying to create a new kind of puzzle game, but it didn’t hook me. Still, hearing a bit of the hype about it, I decided to throw the new […]

August 28, 2009

This is another Arkham Horror report.

Cthulhu wins. There, I said it. Are you happy, Great Old Ones? Are yah? But I suppose I should start at the beginning. Essner was all like “We haven’t played Arkham in forever!” and I was all like “How about Wednesday?” and everyone was all like “That seems like an okay day to play!” So […]

August 27, 2009

But no, seriously, how’s that start of the semester going?

Oh, it’s going pretty well. Thanks for asking, title. I mean, my first day went pretty well. I had some people write. I mangled some names on the roll. I went over a syllabus. You know, fairly normal stuff. As per usual, I had some extreme performance anxeity right before I went into the room. […]

August 26, 2009

I am getting this off of my chest. Pay it no mind.

So, who cares how good a job I do, right? All that matters is that I’m dressed up, in proper, masculine fashion. Who gives a shit if I’m engaging my students, or helping them learn to write better, or any number of actually important things. No, all that matters is that I am not allowed […]

August 25, 2009

I think the title was misspelledd.

So, on a complete whim, Essner gets invited by Mason, one of his awesome Film class friends, to go see Inglorious Basterds. I was in the middle of purchasing a Birthday present for my mother months early and then renting a film with Spants, so we decided just to switch over and join them and […]

August 24, 2009

It’s a New Day!

Hey, it’s my first day of teaching. Wish me luck, okay? Or leg-breaking. I guess it’s kind of like acting, right? Here’s something to expect from here on in: Me talking about teaching. I have to write a daily teaching journal for this assistantship anyway. I would expect that a lot of the less boring […]

August 23, 2009

Lull in Interest

I haven’t touched a Broswer RPG since my classes started up again. Blasphemy? Maybe. I don’t know. But at some point, I told myself “these are for entertainment. If you don’t think they’ll be entertaining that day, you shouldn’t be playing them.” So I didn’t play when I didn’t feel like it, and kept it […]

August 22, 2009

It’s actually theraputic to stick a shitty game back in the envelope and be rid of it.

I am a fool. It is amazing to me how much enjoyment I am getting out of my Gamefly subscription, and so ridiculous that it took me this long to try it. I mean, I’m a gamer. I enjoy playing the various vidjeo gamez that are out there in the world. But most of all, […]