September 27, 2008

Something good is happenin’… We can make it happen.

So, last night, after some moody confrontation on my part, I retired to bed where I proceeded to talk with Brer for a long time on the phone. It was pretty awesome, actually. He opened up a lot more than he normally does, and I felt really close to him. It cheered me up. It […]

September 24, 2008

I know I feel like change is happenin’…

I’m blogging from the computer lab at Grauel. Oh, how my free time has been diminished, to force me into this. So damn sad, it is. But hey, let me take this pre-class time to do a little bit of rambling, eh? I guess I could write a list of things that my busy-ness is […]

September 19, 2008

BusyBusyBusyBusyBusyBusyBusy But I Will Update, Dammit! Busy

So apparently, when you get busy, you don’t really blog much. Huh. No, seriously, I feel like I’ve been so fucking busy… I’m handling it alright. I will continue to handle it alright. But bleh. The last thing I feel like doing is so many things that I feel like I should be doing. It’s […]

September 7, 2008

Apparently I’m a Gambler Now.

So the Rei who Beats All (listen to him on the latest Retronauts! He’s the guy you don’t know.) slipped me a free code for Fable II Pub Games, since, you know, he was giving them out and I’m like, well, okay, sure I’ll try it. I’m having so much fun with it. It makes […]

September 3, 2008

It’s probably time to get a new constitution up ins.

So, uh… does anyone know what time it is? Gods, I love my job. Anyway, I’ve been feeling like shit! Yaaaaay! But I’ve been getting my stuff done. So that’s good. Also, it’s new IoTM time, I suppose. Let’s take a look at them… In Twilight Heroes, we have a three-piece equipment set! I have […]