June 5, 2012

Here’s Me Rambling About The Sony Press Conference.

Man, I guess it just never occurs to me how few of Sony’s key brands I give a shit about until I watch this sort of thing and I’m like “Wow, I care about none of these.” I mean, I sure don’t give a shit about a new God of War that is exactly the same as every other God of War but has some shitty multiplayer? I believe I continue to be the only furry on the face of the planet who is not excited about a new Sly Cooper game, as well. Maybe I really do need to rent that Sly collection and try them. I dunno.

Anyway, I suppose that cross-play between Vita and PS3 is a nice feature. I think it’s kind of cool. If the Vita was anything I even vaguely wanted to own, I’d be down with that. Playing the Vita version against PS3 people. That’d be cool. Of course, is the PS4 going to support this? I kind of doubt it! The Vita will be very behind the times powerwise then!

I don’t know. I was really confused as to why they didn’t push the Vita in their presentation. They said several key games are coming to both, but why do I care if I already own a PS3, you know? I’ll just get that one if I want it. Isn’t the Vita a big deal? Supposed to be? I don’t know. I’ve yet to see a really good reason to buy one. I guess this exclusive Assassin’s Creed game is supposed to convince you. That’s awesome, but seeing as I really only jones for Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, that sure doesn’t convince me. Even their “exclusive” CODBLOPS game wasn’t even shown, which is really dumb of them.

The Last of Us was really the only vaguely interesting thing at the Sony presser. It was REALLY interesting, though, let’s be honest. I love everything about Uncharted except playing Uncharted, so I’m more than willing to jump on a new game with different gameplay by those guys. I could really get into that. I really could. I hope it lives up to potential.

Beyond: Two Souls also seems hilariously David Cage-like, and I’m sure I will play it and love it in a half ironic half not way, like I did Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. Still, it’s weird that they spent so much time on it. It’s not really a big seller to people that aren’t, you know, me.

Wonderbook… man, they were proud of getting J. K. Rowling on board, weren’t they? Granted, if they sell the Wonderbook book with the Harry Potter game thing and a Move, they may sell a decent amount, but them even thinking this is going to be a big hit they can develop lots of little games for is kind of funny. The fact that the demo worked like shit and went on for like 10 hours didn’t help things either.

Anyway, Sony? You did alright. Nothing embarrassing, nothing bad… but nothing exciting, really. I wasn’t all thrilled and pumped about anything you showed. Apologies.

June 4, 2012

Here’s Me Rambling About Microsoft’s Press Conference.

Yeah, I’m going to ramble about the big three Electronic Three press conferences for a few days. Deal, yeah? I like this shit.

So yeah, that Microsoft press conference.

Man, I love my Xbox, but goodness. I can’t say I disagree with our whole IRC chat. Who was this press conference for again? It was really weird.
I mean, okay, they had the Halo 4 and the CODBLOPS2. Expected. I don’t really care that much, but I expected that. But really, what did they bring that was actually exciting to the table this year? I just don’t know.

Well, okay, here’s what I’m excited about. Rape talk be damned, I think the new Tomb Raider looks like something I want to play. It’s a bit over the top, sure, but it looks like the gameplay itself is going to be a good time. I also think the new Splinter Cell is looking fun enough. I enjoyed the angst-fest of the last game because it made me feel powerful, and this seems to be keeping everything like that to give me a stealth-based game I enjoy. I’m down with that. I’m also not going to complain about Dance Central 3. Someday I will play and love those games. (Although fuck, Usher dance forever, wow.) Stick of Truth also has a lot of potential and I hope they pull off making something I’d actually want to play.

That’s about it, I guess.

First off, who the fuck would ever, ever listen to music on their Xbox, much less purchase it there? Stuff like Spotify and Last.fm make a bit of sense on the system to put on during a party or something, but buying music is stupid. Why did they spend any time on that at all? The ridiculous pop-up-video tablet mode while watching stuff also seems like complete useless bullshit. I can get that on my tablet already. It’s called Wikipedia. You know?

Frankly, all the “Smart Glass” stuff worries me. If they really want people to use it, they actually have to put it on “all devices” like they’re saying, and not just Windows Phone and Tablets, but I will be shocked and amazed if any of that stuff works on my iPad anytime soon, or if it does, it’s probably going to have “reduced” features, you know? The fact that they made fun of this initiative in their own conference. (Well, Matt and Trey did) says something about how stupid it is, you know?

Sports is sports. Sure that’s cool for someone.

All the time they devoted to Nike + was insane. Once they actually showed the video, it literally looks like every single fitness game for the Kinect. What’s different about this? They didn’t tell us. Why did they show it, then?

Ascend was hilariously stupid-looking and the worst goddamn thing. The people making that game are going to be sorry they showed it with all the insults that are going to be thrown at that horrid trailer. Seriously, that guy’s armor! Holy shit!

I’m really excited for RE6, but that demo was terrible. It showed me no Resident Evil shooter gameplay. I need to know that’s intact. I got no indication of that. Shitty.

They kept showing so many games with “Kinect” built in, but they all just have voice controls, which I can’t use with my headset for no real reason. Awesome. That’s really showing the power of Kinect, you know?

Anyway, trainwreck? I don’t know. Honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad. Nothing went wrong. Nobody was overly embarrassing for the most part. It just wasn’t interesting. Nothing cool was really shown. I guess it could have been worse.

More E3 coming because I can’t get enough of this stuff. STAY TUNE.

June 2, 2012

Why I Was Gone, Sort Of.

Hi, blog.

Sorry I was gone so long.

Let me just kind of explain what happened, and then we can all move on with our lives.

I was in a big bad emotional place and I just couldn’t focus at all. So much shit was going down, and I still don’t want to talk about it. Sorry about that. Overall, though, I’m feeling a lot better. I feel like things are going to work out in a positive manner with everyone happy and lives moving forward in useful ways. I hope that’s the case, anyway. Either way, I’ve stopped falling into my old patterns of singing about how terrible I am and imagining my own death in very gruesome ways, so that’s probably a good sign.

In any case, I just really needed a break from this. I couldn’t fabricate something to write about that was happy, and I didn’t want to write about how depressed I was constantly. I’m sorry. That’s pretty shitty of me, I know. That sort of stuff shouldn’t be an excuse. But it was nice to relief pressure on myself in this little way when I felt so much otherwise.

I wasn’t lying about the project, though. That’s a thing I hope moves forward smoothly. It’s NaGaDeMo or something like that. I really want to make a small version of everything I have planned. I don’t know if I’m going to have enough focus to do so, but I’m going to try. Pester me about it constantly or whatever, okay? Or not. Whatever.

Anyway, daily blogs will resume tomorrow (See, this is today’s blog! Ha! I’m totally cheating and shit!) and we’ll move on to a new age of stupid blog-like ramblings. Sound good? Cool.

Thanks for understanding.

May 22, 2012

A Blognouncement

You may have noticed there was no blog here yesterday.

Yeah, that’s happened.

I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot at work. My life has changed pretty significantly since I started it, and while I still love doing it, more and more I’m finding the daily aspect of it to be a huge issue. So often I’m not really wanting to write a blog, and I have nothing I really want to write about, and I end up writing something that probably isn’t interesting whatsoever. I don’t know who I am serving by forcing that kind of creative drivel out of myself.

On top of all that, my head is still obsessed with this project that I mentioned awhile back, and I think I want to do it. I need to free up time to do creative work on that, and forcing myself to keep up with one creative project a day is hard enough, much less two.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that this blog isn’t going to be daily anymore. It was a great few years of run where I totally made it happen, and that is awesome. But maybe it’s time to move on to other projects that leave me even more to show for my work, hm? I’m still going to blog whenever I WANT to, which will almost certainly be all the reviews I write, and the random thing stuck in my head, but I’m not going to try to force something out every day. Hopefully the general content here will improve because of it.

If you really liked the daily content, I’m sorry. I’ll still be writing stuff, just not as often, and hopefully this will seem more like a fun project and less like this horrible thing I can barely fit in again, you know? And hopefully I can produce some other things in my spare time, instead of just blogs all day.

I’ll see you later, yeah?

May 20, 2012

A Reunion Of People Who Once Went To School In The Same Building

Again, sorry about yesterday. I just suddenly felt utterly and completely drained. I guess the reunion drained me more than I thought it would.

Anyway, here’s how that went.

We went to a reunion and it was alright and then we went home.

No, wait.

I was not some ridiculed whatever the fuck. I didn’t expect it, but I dunno, so many years of my mother banging that into my head makes me worried deep inside when I do this stuff. Everybody was nice to me, most tried to call me Alexis, though everyone used the wrong pronouns, which was annoying but, I suppose, understandable seeing as this was sort of the first time they’ve been around me for quite some time. I mostly just talked to Bradley Bo, who is still completely awesome, and who is apparently all getting married and stuff, which is sweet for him. He was fun to hang out with again. It’s always nice to see him.

Part of the whole reunion was a mass, which was probably the first mass I’ve been to since, uh, I graduated high school, probably. I was worried I wouldn’t remember all the little rituals. I did, but many of them had changed. There’s so many little changes in wording that make basically no sense to me. Like, they don’t sound better, and they just seem more complicated or less straightforward than what it was before. It’s not a big deal, or anything, but I just wondered why change it to THAT, if you’re going to change it, you know? It’s strange.

We walked around Notre Dame. My old locker combination no longer works, but the fume hood I had a part in cracking my first year there is still totally cracked, even with all the renovations they were touting. I also got to use the women’s bathroom in my old school, which was weirder to me than I expected it to be. Really, though, the whole tour was kind of a big sales pitch to try to get us to give the school money. I loved that school, but, uh, no. No, I’m not going to donate. Sorry, school. Got way better things to pay for than giving money to you. Though CJ was all like “they’re calling you and your teaching out, you should work there!” after I mentioned I was teaching and got gestured towards during a speech, and if they want to hire me, even with me being a sinful transsexual polygamist, then, you know, fuck yeah. I would love to teach some writing or lit courses there. But they probably don’t want me, so.

After that, we went to this winery out in Jackson. Steele Crest Winery, I think? It was kind of stupid. We all came for this thing, and there were tables that said “Reserved,” so, you know, we’re a private party at this place, so we sat down. But nope, it wasn’t for us. There were like two other groups there. Place was damn crowded for no reason. It was kind of silly. Everyone was off in their little groups, so I mostly just talked to Brad, and that was fine. I also tried some of their wine, and fuck, I had the first wine I ever liked the taste of. It was this raspberry wine that was sweet, but the raspberry flavor was strong enough that it kicked BACK in after that wine taste. It was pretty awesome. I bought a bottle to share with Jonathan and Shauna and such next time I have them over for dinner. CJ also got some wines that he liked, one of which was a sweet cherry that was okay, but I wasn’t thrilled about. I haven’t tried the other, but I guess it’s okay? We’ll see what I think.

I’m glad I went. I don’t have to feel like I ran away. Overall, though, it was as lame as predicted. It was a passable time, but not a great time. I survived and made it back. Here I am.

May 17, 2012

I Graded All Day, So You Just Get Links. Sorry I Got My Work Done, I Guess?

Bleh I’ve been grading all day I don’t care have some links and go away!

Someday I will print this up and distribute it.

Pinkie’s Brew has never been more gypsy.

One of those dumb moments from the show that got stuck in my head.

Just add ground beef, apprentice.

An important chart showing when soon-to-be parents are doing it.

Probably the best dog costume. You all can stop trying now. Seriously.

The heroes of Retsupurae team up for one climactic battle!

I am confused as to what Hideo Kojima is doing on twitter. Not like, why he has an account, but just what he’s doing. In general.

In case you needed a reminder about how awesome Three Word Phrase is, here you go.


Here’s some really damn cool Pokemon art, if you’re into that. I am.

That looks really relaxing.

Anyway, those are the links you’re getting. Bye!

May 3, 2012

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Depressing Solutions, Food Favoritism, Action Figures, Failure Rate

Hello, and welcome to blog. Today I will blog. Prepare to blog.

So I talked about an issue yesterday with money and shit and it solved itself in the “aww but at least we’re not in financial trouble” sort of way. Which is better than being fucked over, I guess. Even though it said on the website I couldn’t, I sent the ticket people an e-mail asking if I could cancel my ticket order, and they said “Yeah, sure.” So that’s that. No PAX for me.
It’s probably for the best. It would have been a huge fucking strain on resources to go, especially for CJ, even with our “solution” options we were coming up with and watching disappear in real time. I just really wanted to go. I wanted to be at a point in my life where I can travel and do this kind of shit. I want to take my family to PAX, and Disney World, and creepy furry conventions, and all kinds of pointless fun shit. But we’re just not stable yet.
Still, I said on twitter and Talking Time that I had tickets. So I feel like an idiot now that I’ve bowed out. I should probably tell people, but I’m embarrassed, even though there’s nothing to fucking be embarrassed about. Oh well. Sorry. Don’t judge me for being an idiot, blog reader person. Thanks.

I like foods I used to hate.
Not like… in a crazy way, perse? It’s all kind of sensible stuff that I all the sudden am going “Fuck, I love this.” But like… mushrooms, okay? I never used to like mushrooms. Texture freaked me out, and taste was blah. But recently, I’ve been like “Wait a goddamn minute, I love mushrooms!” CJ has been making these sauteed mushroom and swiss burgers for me because of a random idea and having mushrooms in the fridge for some reason? And they are FANTASTIC. I love mushrooms on things now. I just kind of love eating mushrooms. When the fuck did that happen? Just one day, I’m like, “No, everything I’ve known is wrong, I want that.” It’s weird.

I bought some Adventure Time toys just to take pictures of them with Skylanders and Ponies. Because it entertained me for some reason. Then I posted them to twitter with dialog captions from the characters.
I may have a problem.

I just gave a test where 90% of my class failed. I was told that this is normal for this test. People don’t pass it. What the fuck.
I mean, I took this standardized practice test for this test? I got 2 questions wrong because the questions make no sense. I stared at these questions after the fact and could not figure out why my answer was wrong and not just as good as the actual answer. So that’s great, and says something about the test quality. It’s also a really, really hard grammar test, but they’re taking it in a writing course, not a grammar course. We covered some grammar, of course, but writing was always the focus. Did I focus the class wrong? Were they lying to me when they called it a writing course? I was always taught that grammar should come second in a writing course, because you need to focus on big picture problems with their writing, and that’s what I did, because that made sense to me. And now they all failed this test. Badly.
Apparently this has to affect their grade in some way. I’ll have to figure that out. That’s really shitty and silly. Seriously.

Okay, I’m going to go… TO WORK! I shall see you all later, blog people.

May 2, 2012

Pre-PAX Planning Problems: Per Person Price Panic.

Word that starts with P.
Here’s my impression of my PAX experience so far.

“Oh, they’re sold out of 3 day passes? Are we doing this? Okay, let’s buy two days of passes, that’s all I can be there for anyway. Cool, got them. Now to do some research on travel and hote… HOLY FUCK. That’s… way more… than we thought… uh… can we afford this?”

Like, for serious. I don’t know if everything is being jacked up for the convention or whatever, but my goodness. It’s all significantly more than I expected. Which just kind of sucks. Because while I could probably potentially splurge with no issues, CJ is going to have issues with the super pricing. It’s all just… arg!

We did more research, and we THINK we can get it down to a reasonable level as long as we’re splitting a hotel room with a couple of nice dudes and taking some specific sneaky flights. So I guess the idea is to find said nice dudes now and go from there. Surely we can make that happen? We can’t be the only people wanting to cut the cost of this shindig down significantly. Surely it’ll work out.

Just… fuck. Makes me wonder why the fuck I even wanted to do this! Much better to stay hidden here at home for all time, right?

May 1, 2012

Family Collection Countdown: 2 Weeks And Counting

Brian will be here in two weeks or so.


How long have I been waiting for this? So long. I was bouncing around the room all day with excitement. I can’t wait to show him things. I can’t wait to hug on him again. I can’t wait for him and CJ to meet in person. I can’t wait to deal with all the little problems adding a third person to my little house is going to cause. I can’t wait to attempt to find a solution where three people sleep in the same bed comfortably.


My family is coming together and I am so excited. I want a family portrait. I want to start planning things to do together. We should play through my copy of Risk Legacy all the way through! Play games! Start a Dungeons and Dragons or other Roleplaying Games night! But mostly just start living life and stop worrying about waiting for things to happen. The life I want, in a few weeks, will be officially set up. Things will be IN FUCKING PLACE romantically and, in general, socially. I can focus on wanting the sane things normal people want now! I CAN BE!

There’s sure to be issues. I’m sure to worry about this or that at some point. But right now, for serious, I have not a single worry about this not working out. I know we can handle anything that comes up. I know it.

I love Brian, and I love CJ, and we are going to be one fucking awesome family. Just you wait.

April 25, 2012

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Tired, Lumpy Seduction, IRS Insults.

I am still exhausted. My work schedule is just bleh! Today I was teaching on like 3 hours of sleep, and then I took a long nap, and waking up from that nap, I felt so terrible, so fucking terrible, oh my gods. I’m mostly back now, still a little off, but I’ve got to go to work and then wake up early again, so I’m not looking forward to it. Yay for work and then more work and then more work! Ugh, I need to quit Kohl’s.

We’ve watched a ton of Adventure Time and I have learned to love the Lumpy Space Princess. She’s clearly the best character. I also find that I can do pretty well a perfect impression of her, which I have been doing pretty well constantly since. I have used this to ultimate romantic advantage.
I was smoochin’ with CJ, as I often do, and I get this idea in my head, but I’m like, “I don’t want to ruin the moment.” After the smooching, I point out that I had the perfect idea to ruin the mood, and he’s like “What was it?” so I pull him in for more making out to show him. We kiss for awhile, and then I break, and whisper in my best Lumpy Space Princess impression “I knew you liked me.” We then fell over laughing for like 5 minutes. I am an idiot. Also the queen of seduction. I can give lessons, if you want.

I think the IRS is making fun of me, and I’m really mad about it, even though it’s kind of a stupid thing to be mad about.
Basically, I got my tax return a few days ago, and it was addressed to my old name. I got really pissy. It’s not like I filed under my own name! It’s been a goddamn year since I got it changed, and all my paperwork was under Alexis. They obviously read the form to get the number they had to send me on the check, as well as my new address, which has changed since then. Yet, here we are. I deposited the check, fumed for awhile, and then moved on with my life.
Then today, the IRS sends me a check for a fucking DOLLAR to my old name. They are just trying to make me mad. Who can I punch to remedy this?

I’m going back to be… oh wait, I have to go to work. Yay. Later, blog. Sorry this is a bit short.