May 31, 2010

Dream Jourmnal: Rainbow Lipstick and Helly Kitty Nightclubs

I have remembered my dreams again, so now you must sit through me retelling them.
Okay, I guess you could just go to another website, but whatever.

I was on a retreat in the middle of the country. This retreat was being run by Chase, from work, for no apparent reason. It was me, a large number of Bros, and Debra, from work. Every day, we’d drive from what was basically a big farm, or summer camp, into town and do volunteer work. The Bros weren’t getting my transsexualness and I was getting kind of annoyed at them, and brainstorming magical ways to get back at them. I had kind of decided on magically (?) changing them into women for awhile.

But then I went to breakfast, and Debra asked me for my homework, a report about the day. I hadn’t done this, because I had been so busy with other things. Neither had the Bros. We went back to the cabin or whatever to write these up. Then Chase enters, wearing rainbow lipstick for reasons I do not understand. He says I’m doing a damn good job, and would I be willing to come on another retreat as a good example? I don’t remember what I said.

Next thing I know, I’ve got a different volunteer assignment, this one in the city. I get dressed up, wearing a masculine business suit even though I’m a woman in the dream, and drive, in the rain, to the city. It’s night by the time I get there, and I find out the place I’m supposed to be going to is a night club called The Black Hole. It is covered in blacklights and neon and has a gigantic Hello Kitty on the side of the building. For some reason, this is a really happening place. I go in the employee entrance in the back, and end up in a special area of the club, full of magical creatures. Chase is there, and explains to me that this is a special meeting place for spellcasters like myself, where I can kick back, relax, and talk magic. He then asks if I want a Pepsi or a slushie.

And then I woke up.

What does it all mean?
Probably that I really need to talk to Chase about awakening my magical powers before he gets transferred to that other Kohl’s store. Heh.

April 18, 2010

A Dream Blog, or Dreablog.

Here’s the dream I had last night. Fascinating, I know.

I walked downstairs and yelled. Why I yelled, I don’t know, though I assume I was probably just being loud for fun. As in, a random whim, no real reason. So I yelled, and this scared my grandmother, who was apparently down in the living room, but I didn’t know it. She got very mad at me and I apologized like crazy and ran downstairs before my mom showed up to yell at me for making Grandma K mad. I remember Grandma having a tiny little dog, which is kind of hilarious, because she is the last person who would have a little dog, or any kind of pet.

I get downstairs, and go to find some clothes. I guess I was heading downstairs to get clothes for a shower or something. Only all my shirts are gone. Most of my clothes, really. All that was left were things I’d never wear, very masculine things, and pants without pockets. I looked through all the clothes for a long time, repeating the search again and again, trying to find something to wear. My clothes were gone. I knew my mother had hid them, but I didn’t want to demand to know their location because of the previous grandmother incident. I remember tabulating how much it would cost to replace some of my rarer apparel and being incredibly mad.

Eventually, Dad came down and saw me looking through clothes again and again, and pointed me to a series of very oddly-labeled boxes, where my mother had hid everything. I painstakingly re-hung every article of clothing, even though part of me knew my mother would just hide them again.

Then I woke up.

Some obvious dream-analysis bait there, though I suppose you’d learn that, gasp, I’m kind of having issues with my mother. Not the most useful. But, as per usual when I write these, it’s rare for me to remember a dream so vividly, so I wanted to record it. Just because.

July 12, 2009

I only wish I could have heard some of the musical numbers.

I slept like shit Friday Night! And I had this dream!

I was back in high school at Notre Dame, only we seemed to be in the gym of my grade school. We were trying to put together the yearly musical, only for whatever reason, nobody had gotten a head start on it. It was like… one week until showtime and absolutely nothing was done. No sets. No rehearsals. No music. No lights. Nothing.

Essner was the director. Why? Hell if I know. He was very stressed out. The musical we were putting on was apparently a musical version of Terminator: Salvation, starring none other than Justin Spaeth. I kept trying to calm him down. “We don’t need complicated sets, right? Just a couple of flats up with a wasteland locale, we can use that for most scenes…”

Eventually, after a dispute where we were trying to get Spaeth to be the sound guy, too, but he refused to be the sound guy from backstage and wanted to be in the booth? But he obviously couldn’t star and be up in the booth… so Essner said fuck it, and we retired to a restaurant, I think it was Logans.
Essner, Bradley Bo, Ben, and I were eating together. Ben and Brad had bought necklaces at some sort of quarter dispenser, only they looked like necklaces we sell at Kohl’s. And we talked about the necklaces for awhile, and I think I eventually stole one.

Then I think the musical was canceled.

Yep. That’s the kind of shit I dream about.

April 24, 2009

I’m sure you were going on this trip, too.

Yeah, this is a post about a dream.

Last night, I dreamed that there was a huge trip going on. It was a big deal. It was a huge event. Everyone was going, and I do mean everyone. My entire family was going. Essner, Spaeth, Droid, all my IRL friends were going. Most of my internet-style friends were flying in to go. This was a huge event!

I wasn’t going.

I started out okay with this, but soon, as I watched everyone gathering on the front lawn with all their stuff, I realized that kind of sucked. Soon, someone from work relinquished their spot. I could take it! I could go!

I told my mother the good news.
“You can’t go. You have class.”
This started a huge argument about how totally unfair that was, especially seeing as everyone else was going to miss class for this trip. Meanwhile, I knew the clock was ticking. Everyone was going to leave soon. I was arguing with my mother while she finished packing to go. I also realized that there are people waiting that I had never seen in person. Even if I failed to get to go, I needed to get out there and see Brer, and Cris, and Ecks, and all my good friends I’ve never seen in person before. But I was stuck in this argument. My mother kept seeming like she would give, but wouldn’t. I couldn’t figure out if it was futile to keep arguing or now.

I woke up with all of this unresolved, and feeling very actually frustrated.

I guess one could really analyze this dream. Something about how both my mother and school feel like they are keeping me away from fun and the people that I love. There’s probably some level of truth to that. Not an infinite amount, but some level. Either way, it was an extremely clear dream. I remember all kind of details. There was some sort of huge valve in the basement that Mom was shutting off to prepare for the trip, for example.
Man, I don’t know. I rarely have such serious dreams. I felt like sharing.

February 15, 2009

A dream journal.

Yeah, I’m going to talk about a dream I had. Deal with it. Or, um, not.

So I dreamed I was at some sort of summer camp? But in the middle of the, you know, summer camp area was an industrial area? Like old factories and seedy bars. But there were tons of trees and a forest. Yeah.

Anyway, in this Summer camp was a secret society of some sort. It was all secret, and it had a secret meeting room in the back of a bar. You had to knock on the door a certain way to get in.

Through going to this summer camp before and having seniority or something, I managed to join this society. And because I joined this society, I could do super jumps? Sort of like in Crackdown? I remember me doing that Crackdown falling animation.

So the society tells me to deliver this message, and I jump up in trees and over factory rooftops and go to this other bar, and when I get there, I realize there’s some sort of riot at the summer camp going on, and I have to run and jump back to the base, and people are fighting below me and when they notice me jumping around they start chasing me…

And that’s it. That’s my dream. I guess.

I’m all awesome.

December 24, 2007

A secret mental message of loneliness?

Last night, I dreamed that Brer dropped by work to kiss me, but just to kiss me. He couldn’t or wouldn’t stay, and left, and I cried quite a bit.
I must be missing him a bit more than I thought. Though that’s a bit selfish, I suppose, he can have Christmas with his family, same as I’m having Christmas with mine. He’ll be back soon anyway. It’s not like I’m in tears constantly or anything silly, but it does seem like my subconscious is trying to say something, especially since I rarely dream.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that for no reason. Merry Chrissymas Eve, people. Go spend time with your families and have fun, yeah?