February 1, 2012

So The Blog Will Still Be Uninteresting For Awhile…

And after two days of emotional breakdown bullshit, I’m going mostly silent!

Seriously, though, I’m picking up Aesa today. I need to sleep now so I can do that, as well as be awesome at my job interview tomorrow morning, and while he’s here, I’m just not going to be taking much time to blog. I have priorities! Of some sort, anyway. So, you know. Not going to be much blogging.

I am still going to post something, but I’d expect it to be mostly little autobiographical snippets of what I did with Aesa that day. Nothing truly interesting, I guess? But it’ll be something. I can’t stand the idea of posting nothing. I’m easily bothered by stupid things.

Anyway, that’s something to look forward (?) to this weekend. I’ll try to get this blog back to normal as soon as possible, promise.