August 13, 2012

Too Many Tabs!

I’m tired of all these tabs! Tired of them! Tabs! Have some links! P-p-p-pony corner! Can you walk?! Picture perfect! Perfect for Wallpapers of Telephones! Slice of Life! Animated Gif Corner! Soccer One! Soccer Romance! Trampolines! Sparing Your Enemy! Cat Climb! Boss. Fox and Dog! Ultimate Resourcefulness! Finally, some randomness. Feminists! Pointing! Lists! Bond! Okay, […]

August 4, 2012

Wants in the Way, An Emotional Stupidblog

Hi, blog. I don’t know why I’m not in bed, but that just feels wrong right now, and I feel like I’d just toss and turn and keep CJ up, so… Anyway, we never talk any more, so let’s talk, huh, blog? Can we do that? I told CJ earlier today that right now, the […]