January 31, 2012

A Blog Where I Try To Break Down What Happened. Not Necessary Reading.

I’m going to write about what happened, because I still don’t really know. Basically, my boss e-mailed me saying that my syllabi were not up to the guidelines they have at the college. There were some crossed wires, and I didn’t do them right. He did not paint this as a big deal, but just […]

January 30, 2012


I freaked out like an idiot last night. I still feel terrible. Everything must be perfect, but things fell out of place. I’ve been trying hard to not go overboard on being down on myself for something that, in the long run, will not be anything. Anyway, so there’s probably not going to be any […]

January 29, 2012

When She Pulled Out A Vaio P For No Reason, I’m Like, Must Be A Sony Pictures Movie.

Kohl’s was like “Dammit, have this free movie ticket!” so Cara and I said “Okay!” and we went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because that was basically the only movie that seemed worth shit that one of us hadn’t already seen. Plus Cara had seen the other films and such, so she […]

January 28, 2012

Oh, Right, The Building Controls On The Planets Were Also Counterintuitive.

Ascendency was basically my first experience with what I believe is called the 4X genre of games. Reading about it after the fact, it was apparently broken as fuck, and I’m sure there are many better games of this type out there now, and in the past, but it was just one of those formative […]

January 27, 2012

I Am Frustrated With Some Students

I guess in general, in teaching, I’ve been lucky. I’ve never really had any problem students. Nobody who was actively trying to disrupt my class or anything, you know? I had some people who cracked jokes and stuff? But that’s just fun, and most of them would contribute for serious as well. I welcome that […]

January 26, 2012

Spontaneous Decision Making, Trip Planning, And So On.

It’s so weird that this seems so late now, but it does. Goodness, getting up early will do that to you. I am exhausted. I didn’t really want to do two rambling blog posts in a row. I try to vary shit like that so that I don’t annoy people or whatever. Try to write […]

January 25, 2012

Things I Am Worried About

I’m worried about this job interview. It’s for a job I really want, and am completely qualified for, but if they’re already interviewing, which I didn’t anticipate when I applied, that means they probably need someone RIGHT NOW, and my current teaching contract is going to prohibit me from taking up that offer, at least […]

January 24, 2012

Untouchables: Pokemon Gold/Silver

Remember when I said I’d keep writing these? I guess I am. Pokemon Gold/Silver is a basically perfect game. It’s the sequel to Pokemon every single Pokemon game since wishes it could be, but has completely failed to be. It was full of plenty of new content, gobs and gobs of fanservice, and refined basically […]

January 23, 2012

I Never Could Shoot The Little Cowboy Man When He Came Out Of The Mine, Though.

A quick one, because work schedules suck! And I need to be up in like 4 hours to do all my teaching bullshit. Remember back on Christmas, when I played a bunch of iPad games? Well, I also played Pinball Collection HD! It’s the last one I played that day, promise. Anyway, it was pinball! […]

January 22, 2012

Pick up enemy. Bounce on ground. Grab while enemy bounces back in air. Bounce on ground again.

Let’s see… what’s on my list of games I haven’t talked about. Oh, woah, Solatorobo! The game I played out of my duty as a furry. Or something. Solatorobo is a game that I am very glad got made and published in the US. That’s crazy! I’m so glad it happened! It’s really not the […]