July 31, 2010

In Which I Don’t Write Erotica

I’ve got two solid story ideas right now. The only problem is that they are two solid furry porn story ideas. Both of them sound like a lot of fun. One is Brer’s fault, whether he likes it or not. Both would potentially focus on characters and actual potential romance. Both would have the fucked-up […]

July 30, 2010

A Pointless Rambling About Time

I walked downstairs, and my mother was crying. I, of course, asked her what was wrong. It turned out that she was looking at music for the Mother/Son dance at Jonathan’s wedding, and thinking about it made her cry. A good cry, certainly. The idea that her youngest son was getting married, though, was pretty […]

July 29, 2010

For When Your Stardust is Moving Too Slowly

Starcraft 2 is out, I’m so close to the Dragon Quest 9 endgame I can taste it, and I spent an evening trying to play Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009. Now there is a title! But yeah, seriously, I was thinking about CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES and I realized it had been a […]

July 28, 2010

My Life For Aiur, I Guess.

Yesterday was Starcraft Day! As of this writing, I don’t have Starcraft 2 yet. It’s coming later this afternoon. But I’m not really excited or anything. I don’t know. I have wonderful, wonderful memories of the original Starcraft. I remember playing the ever-loving crap out of it back in the day. There is absolutely no […]

July 27, 2010

Stop taking cover and dodging our gunfire, Fischer!

At some point I took a break from Dragon Quest IX (I’ve put over 30 hours into that game so far. Man, it’s got me hooked!) to play through Splinter Cell: Conviction. I had heard a lot about the game at this point, and most of it was positive, though not like… life-changing. Just a […]

July 26, 2010


Inception was a fantastic film. When seeing previews of it, I was kind of bleh on it. I mean, it had nice visuals, but it really wasn’t giving me any indication of what it was about. There was a lot of hype around it as well, due to the director apparently being awesome. It was […]

July 25, 2010

Mojo of an acceptable size.

This is the first month in awhile I think I’m skipping both IoTMs. I mean, in general, the Juju Mojo Mask seems like a fairly useful item, but it just doesn’t seem like an item that’s going to get involved with how I play. Unsurprisingly, this is an accessory with great stats. Anything that says […]

July 24, 2010

Not as Fine as Advertised.

After reading Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, I found myself constantly thinking up scenarios that would have been more fulfilling and a more fitting end to the series than what I had just read. In the end, though, this kind of thought process is really useless. The series ended the way it did, and it ended… […]

July 23, 2010

I’m tired.

I am so tired. I don’t mean physically, though I suppose I am pretty tired physically as well. I’m just tired of being depressed, and tired of feeling like my family is against me. I’m tired of not feeling safe, I suppose. I’m tired of having to force myself to buy that I can do […]

July 22, 2010

Bowties are cool.

I finally caught up with the Doctor and the latest season of Doctor Who. It was, on the whole, excellent. First off, there were lots of people, before the season started, who were really worried about Matt Smith. I wasn’t worried, perse. I didn’t know what to think. But man, he just nails it. His […]