June 30, 2009

I always wanted Netflix too, but since I never watch movies, it seemed a pointless expense.

Ever since I have had a steady paycheck, I haven’t really rented vidjeo gamez. I suddenly had money to spend on things, and dammit, I care enough about games that that’s where all of my money went. Lots and lots of money. Lots and lots and lots of it. Lots of it. It didn’t seem […]

June 29, 2009


I always used to wonder why people bitched so much about working retail. I mean, I have a retail job, and I really don’t mind it. Almost like it some days. Sure, I’m just working for the paycheck, but that’s why you go to work. I could think of many jobs I would rather do, […]

June 28, 2009

I also got a Turkey for the first time in awhile.

So, on Friday, I finally got to try out my new bowling ball. This was a moment months in the making. Mostly because it took months for me to actually get the ball. After I ordered it, the guy is like “I will call you back when it’s here! No problem!” and because, you know, […]

June 27, 2009

Exploring Templ(beta), the hottest new Web 2.0 dungeon.

After, what… months? Month? We finally managed to schedule another play session of high-level DnD campaign. And man, it was an epic one, lasting into the wee hours of the morning and being entertaining! Maps that spanned literally every doodling surface we had! Puzzles! Destroying priceless art! Me having like a million action points and […]

June 26, 2009

IoTM Review: But they cancel each other out!

Hey! Twilight Heroes had an IoTM. Well, two, really. What happened to them, eh? Item number 1: Hobbes’ Nail Boots. Yay! An IoTM boot that isn’t Roderick’s Boots which is one of the few IoTMs I don’t have! Victory, or something! But seriously, besides Roderick’s, there just isn’t a shoe in the same caliber as […]

June 25, 2009

Note to game designers: If your characters are going to throw out witty sound bites, you best record a metric ton of them.

I never played or had any need to play the original Mercenaries. It didn’t seem like a game I would enjoy at all. Mercenaries 2 was originally skipped for similar reasons, as well as due to their completely scary-ass box art. I don’t want to play as that guy. I don’t even want to have […]

June 24, 2009

IoTM Review: Nonsensical Time Travel.

So, it’s June. That means it’s the month of the crazy, wacky Super-Content Familiar. This time it is the Baby Sandworm. It’s probably my favorite June familiar, hands down. I’ve played all the previous June content areas. I own a Llama, too. Each of the other ones seem like puzzles to overcome in order to […]

June 23, 2009

The number of times I crossed the streams cannot be counted.

So I beat Ghostbusters: The Vidjeo Game. Honestly, you could probably get away with renting it and then putting in serious time and energy into beating the single player during the rental period. But you should definitely play it. This is how you make a good licensed game, seriously. The game brings the humor, as […]

June 22, 2009

I like to at least pretend I’m in control, you know?

Work on Saturday night sucked. Why, you ask? Well… So it was looking like it was going to be a pretty big night. A lot of work to do! A lot of stuff to sign. No big deal, everyone is short on hours due to some horrible scheduling issue that’s screwing everyone, staying an hour […]

June 21, 2009

Obligatory Father’s Day Post

Hey now, look. It’s Dad Day! Yay Dad Day! So say hello and I love you to your father, eh? Or at the very least, thank him for half your genetic material, or something. I know I’m nowhere near the child my father wanted. He wanted someone with at least a passing interest in sports, […]