December 30, 2007

I wrote something. How shocking is that?

So I wrote for the first time in a long while tonight. I finished the second chapter of Arc 1 of Role-Playing, which I had started a little… fuck, I dunno, a long time ago. It was surprisingly easy to get back into it. I just read it and kept going. Anyway, I hope I […]

December 26, 2007

Here are the post-Christmas bullet points you requested.

Merry Chrissymas, people! Here are some quick highlights from mine. My mom got me something that surprised me and that I wanted: a 500 Gig external HD. Score! Now if only I had somewhere to plug it in in here… Jonathan got me Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters as well as some Microsoft Funmoney (he […]

December 24, 2007

A secret mental message of loneliness?

Last night, I dreamed that Brer dropped by work to kiss me, but just to kiss me. He couldn’t or wouldn’t stay, and left, and I cried quite a bit. I must be missing him a bit more than I thought. Though that’s a bit selfish, I suppose, he can have Christmas with his family, […]

December 23, 2007

Talking Time Festivus Exchange: Results

See that list in the last post? Yeah, I did none of that today. Which means I need to do the picture-taking tomorrow! Score! I guess I should find out when Jonathan is working tomorrow… I’ll do that now… okay, he’s off tomorrow. Awesome. That’s when I’ll take pictures. The rest I can do real […]

December 22, 2007

Popcap ate up my Friday before Christmas, and other rambles.

Here is a well-worded rendition of this epic tale. Oh, the horror! That said, they are all fun, especially Bookworm Adventures, which is the reason I went Popcap game shopping. Stuff like Zuma and Peggle is really good for use during podcasts… I haven’t played Bejeweled 2, but I played Puzzle Quest for who knows […]

December 21, 2007

Can you tell I was bored before work?

Create Your Own Video I dunno, I had fun playing with it, and surely it’s better to look at than that huge Listening Time Liveblog, eh? Even if I think it’s good I got the listening blogging done with… and will do another CD’s worth tomorrow…

December 20, 2007

Liveblogging Vahalladeath’s Listening Time Mix

Well, um. I’m behind. Let’s get right to it. The tracklist makes me wonder if it’s all like… punk… but the inclusion of a Soul Coughing song is encouraging. Also, I know so little, don’t be insulted if I’m so far off, Valhalla! Anyway, here we go. Valhalladeath’s mixTrack 1: Let’s Take a Trip Together […]

December 19, 2007

Review Extravaganza Su… Tues… Early Wednesday Morning: The Simpsons Game

So one game that has been on my mind since someone showed me a Youtube video of some of the cut scenes (from the DS version, of all things) was The Simpsons game. I’ve never really been a Simpsons fan, and with all the bad talk about how The Simpsons has gone downhill combined with […]

December 16, 2007

And Now: Good News/Bad News

Good News: I wrote something today! Bad News: It ended up as an erotic fairy tale about a page long that I probably won’t be passing around to too many people and, for being an erotic fairy tale, doesn’t have all that much sex in it. Good News: I really enjoy playing FFXI with a […]

December 13, 2007

I maed these updates for u, but I eated them.

It’s late, but I wanted to post some crap. Like this. CHRISSYMAS SHOPPING LIST UPDATE! What everyone has been highly anticipating! Or something. This is just why you needed me to get my blog back on track! Mom: Check. Dad: Not Check (Still trying to think of something good…) Jonathan: Check Grandma: No Check (Got […]