March 12, 2008

Liveblogging MCBanjoMike’s Listening Time MIx

Okay, so let’s keep this sort of thing sort of going, eh? Eh?
Oh no, there’s french words I’m too lazy to type with the correct accents… sorry, french people!
Oh, and MCBanjoMike put additional information about these songs… here. So I dunno, if you’re actually interested enough to read this liveblog, you might be interested enough to actually know something about these songs, and then you would click that link, you see?
Well, here we go, then.

Listening Time Volume 16: Trad 101

1. Nil ‘na La by Solas: Yeah, there’s definitely Irish…ness… there. I didn’t look at the supplemental materials before I started. Is that bad? Oh well, that’s not normally how I roll. It’s supplemental, I should look at it after if I feel the need to. Anyway, yeah, this is like… if someone made an Indie movie set in Ireland, this is the sort of music that would be playing in the background during the credits or something as the main characters… I dunno… bike through a town in the opening sequence or something. It’s pleasant enough to the ear, certainly. The girl singer has a really pretty voice, certainly. It doesn’t really get me into it… oh, and it’s over.

2. Temisti-Me by Ni sarpe, ni branche: Some fiddlin’… some more of the similar type of stuff, huh? Or maybe it’s not and I’m an idiot, who knows… there’s percussion that sounds like dance-stomping stuff, but I bet it isn’t… I don’t know offhand how you’d make that sort of… slapping on your legs, that’s how you’d do it. Man, I’m dense sometimes. Well, I’m guessing at this point this is an instrumental piece, which is kinda sad because, like I said, the girl in the last one had a nice voice. Oh, what? A guitar of some sort? Are we, dare I say it, about to break it down here in this folk song? …no, no it doesn’t seem like we are. It’s just more of the same with that new rhythm underneath it. Heh, that guitar does add something, though… yeah, it’s all kind of fun. Would never picture me ever listening to it? But it’s fun. Stuff like this, as I’m sure I’ll keep saying if this disc gives me more music like this, is perfect to put in the background of something… a game, a movie… and make me appreciate it like that to clearly set a mood, but I’m just not going to seek it out otherwise. Yeah, it keeps going and going with the same thing… oh, okay, now it’s done.

3. The Sporting Pitchfork/The Diplodocus/Charlie Mulvihill’s by Alan & John Kelly: Okay, what instrument is that playing. I mean, I guess a flute? I don’t know, it sounds different. I mean, I don’t have a lot of idea. Yeah, this is more and more of the same, I suppose, although like… the first one was like the beginning of the second one, and the end of the second one was like the guitar in this first part… and now we went into a different part with a different instrument again. Man, I suck at naming instruments today. I swear sometimes I’m kinda okay at it. I wonder when it changed was when the song name changed, since I’ve been given 3 song names. But the base stuff seems pretty much the exact same, doesn’t it? I dunno. Yeah, I guess that was probably the change, cause there’s a very obvious change and we’re a little shy of 2/3rds done with the song… It’s all cute nice little stuff, but nothing with some meat on it, you know? It’s all kinda light. Lightish? Lightesque? Maybe sort of light? Twilight? Eh, who knows. Song OVAR.

4. Le bedeau de St-David by Les Charbonniers de l’enfer: Oh, there’s singing. A choir of sorts. Okay, so we got one leading voice and a choir behind him repeating what he says… whatever the hell he’s saying, of course. Man, you’d never believe I had two years of French by how so very little I know. Yeah, this isn’t very… musical? Not that it’s working against it, so much. It’s just got a beat… Like a march thing… or a… what’s it called… those March back and forth things… call and reponse things… Brer would know… if he reads this, I’m sure he’ll tell me… heh…

5.The Banks of the Sweet Vildee by Dervish: Okay, I’m digging that starting part. It’s got that folk-y feeling, but it had a more something for it… but now it’s back to business as usual. Still a chance they could break it down… no, past the point of breaking it down. Oh well. This girl, I don’t really dig her voice. Maybe it’s the heavy accent though. She just sounds weird. Man, I guess that’s bad to say about someone’s accent, huh? But it’s less singing and more like… super-accent. I’m only catching like the random words in it too… there was a “Green” there… I keep hearing some “my love”s… I dunno. “She wept more…” I give up. Oh, wait, there’s the title! I heard the title! I don’t know, it was certainly more upbeat and more… full…? But it didn’t do much for me at all.

6. Mornings at Bonny Doon/Palm Sunday by Andre Marchand & Grey Larson: Okay, just some guitar… quiet little guitar… sneaky guitar… Oh maaan, this is like… put me to sleep music… Do I have enough caffeine to make it through this song if this keeps up? Also, it’s not put me to sleep music in a bad way, it’s… lullaby kind of music, I mean. And there’s some soft sneaking woodwinds of some kind sneaking in there sneakily… Okay, so… we’re… maybe near the middle… so maybe it’ll change over… but with a name like Palm Sunday, I guess I’m not expecting much… or maybe it’ll be like Jesus Christ Superstar. HO SANNA HEY SANNA SANNA SANNA HO SANNA HEY SANNA HO SANNA! Oh, well, it is picking up a bit, isn’t it? Basically, the flutething and the guitar are switching places. Now the flute is in front and the guitar is in back. That’s neat, I suppose. This isn’t going to put me to sleep, but it’s still not really enthralling, though. It’s still very light and out there… wanting to hover over me or away from me instead of infect me and engage me. That’s what I like my music to do. Yeah.

7. Beehive by Flook: Flook is a pretty good name. Oooh, starting out fast… potential… Oh yeah, we got some drums… we might have a winner here… keep on building, thing… break out hard and really make it happen! Or… bring in another flute. I guess that’s just what this kind of music always uses, huh? Still, that guitar stuff is really kind of infectious. Makes you tap your foot along with it with it’s fast rhythm action. Now we got like dueling flutes or something. Oh woah, we switched it up and brought it to another level here! Yeah, that’s nice… yeah, this is getting close to music I would listen to. That’s energizing. I like that. Oh yeah, even more! Very, very nice. And now we brought it to just the guitars building… and building… and building…! What are you planning, guitars? Oh, just to have the flutes break it down a different way, I see. Yeah, this is folkish music I would listen to on occasion. I could see this being a favorite track on a video game soundtrack or something. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Thumbs up for that one. I think I’ll probably make Brer listen to this one…

8. The Newport Lass/Frances Aucoin/Astro’s Rough Day by Kieran O’Hare: And coming off of that last one, we’re back to more normal fare. Ah well, I suppose it’s sort of… unavoidable? I would guess. I mean, obviously BanjoMike has a much, much better idea of what is out there. But yeah, this is just normal stuff. It’s upbeat and nice, and a bit fuller than other selections, but it doesn’t engage me like Beehive did. Maybe the other two song parts will? I don’t know. It seems to be building more but not changing at all… and the song is over halfway over… I guess the first and second sections are like… the same thing? Okay, so here’s definitely a different song… A better melody than the first one. It goes down lower and does things with itself… yeah… but still, not doing a whole lot for me.

9. Intro by Swap: I assume this and the next track are connectedish. Ooh, neato. Heh. Silly little blippy-ness. I wasn’t expecting blippy keyboards on this CD at all. And that’s it.

10. Robert by Swap: Hey! This isn’t blippy at all! But it’s the same rhythm, of course. It’s got that nice little beat to it… where it like skips a beat and then catches up real fast? I don’t know what to call it offhand. I suck like that. Oh, there’s like… scat vocals here. Zo Doodle dawdle dum… Yeah, I don’t know how much they’re adding, really. But at least it’s a little different, so I can respect that, I suppose. And now back to just the instruments… la dee da… Yeah, that… yeah. It’s over now. Huh.

11. Good Drying by Shooglenifty: If a band with a name as amazing as “Shooglenifty” lets me down, I’m going to be sad. Just telling you. We’re starting out fast, that’s a good sign… and that little “bump” shows promise… hm… hmmmmm… come on, song, break it down… do it…! Aww, I don’t think it’s going to… Wait…! No, it didn’t… wait… okay, we got some more gutiarish stuff and some drums now… okay, yeah, we’re getting there… building more and more… and more… and more… yeah, sure, let’s just keep on doing that, huh? More drums. Also a scratching noise. Build build build. I guess that’s all the song is going to do for the whole song. Okay, now the song has changed, but the energy level hasn’t, like I was hoping after all that building… this isn’t really what I was wanting. Boo! Be better, Shooglenifty! I mean, I guess you’re good at what you do, but do something I want! All well. Oh woah, there was some drums and now it’s upped the energy a little with some weird new thing here. That’s cool. Yeah, it’s alright. Yep yep. I can approve.

12. The Humours of Bally Manus/Gortnamona by Siobhan Peoples & Murty Ryan: And we’re back to more normal stuff again. Again, as I should expect. But man, “Siobhan Peoples” is quite a name, isn’t it? Or is it a band name? I guess it could be a band name. Yeah, this first part isn’t too humorous, really. It just is, mostly. Yeah, more and more… this stuff is really starting to all sort of blend together for me, I’m sorry to say… Yeah, if this changed in the middle, I didn’t even notice it… oops?

13. Home/Gray Spey/Lucy Campbell by Bohola: Oh, singing… male singing… slow male singing. Uh oh. And about love, too… oh my. Yeah, I… yeah… not… yeah. Okay, well, here’s some more people singing, I suppose. But this “Home” is pretty eh. And it keeps going and going… and going… another verse… Oh, okay, it’s speeding up or something… but I bet it’s probably fooling me… lulling me into a false sense of security… I guess this is Gray Spey. It’s just more of the same. Par for the course. But at least it’s not aiming to put me to sleep, which is nice. I guess this is different, so this is Lucy Campbell? I was expecting more vocals for the last part. But I guess they’re not doing that. Which is… kind of weird and silly to me, but I don’t know. I just have a thing about songs that do a little singing and then go into long instrumentals. I feel gypped. I like a good vocal track. Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It’s all basically over now. And now it is over.

14. Le coq d’Inde by Les chauffeurs a pieds: The Drivers of Walking…? Or something like that? My french sucks ass. Seriously, 2 years, remember jack shit. I’ve always been horrible at languages, I live so, so much in English. Okay, so we got some singing I can’t understand… and it’s very call and response with the choir, which I suppose is fairly standardish… well, okay, in parts… and now we got a fiddle solo. And back to singing. And… yeah, I don’t know. It’s very repetitive. Especially since I can’t perceive the lyrics to tell if they’re something different. The sound is pretty well exactly the same. Again, I guess a lot of songs are like that… but… I don’t know. The start of the verses are so, so exactly the same and kinda annoying. I don’t know. Oh well, it’s over now.

15. Gan Ainm/The Tap Room/The Yellow Cow by Enda Scahill: Okay, we got some fast guitar. That’s nice. Do we have singing? Oh no! We have banjo! Nice! Banjos are nice. That is a Banjo, right? I’m going to feel really stupid if that’s not a banjo. Yeah, that’s nice and upbeat. The guitar-y-ness is just keeping the beat all fast in the background while it’s all “look at how well I can play banjo, if this is truly a banjo!” I mean, I guess that’s a lot of it. But it’s a lot more musical than, say, most Rokkin’ guitar solos which are just ridiculous and stupid in my opinion. So I’m not going to compare this to that, really. Even though I’m sure some of those really fast sections of notes are probably fairly hard to play. That quick back and forth. I mean, I’d probably miss them in Guitar Hero, so I’m sure they’re tons harder in actuality. Oh, wait, this was three songs too. I didn’t really notice the change here either. Well, so it goes, I guess. The end. There’s… a lot of silence at the end. Oh well.

16. There’s the Day by Cathal McConnell: Cathal is a man’s name?!? Well, alrighty then! Just a capalla? I can dig it. Well, I could dig it. Except it isn’t very impressive or musical or cool. Just some talking vaguely in rhythm and going uuuuuuup and then doooown… which is… I don’t know. That’s not all that great to listen to, is it? I mean, I guess someone obviously likes it. BanjoMike obviously likes it to some extent to send it to me. I guess I should be listening to the lyrcis, eh? Since it’s like… all the song has? And yet, it doesn’t make me want to… so I’m not, really… I mean, the refrain is like “It’s not the day, it is the day, there’s a day maybe but it’s not a day I don’t think but it’s a day.” Yeah I don’t like this at all, really.

Well, that was definitely a new experience. Beehive gets Thumbs Up! The rest gets all kinda blurred together in my head for the most part. But so it goes!

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