December 20, 2007

Liveblogging Vahalladeath’s Listening Time Mix

Well, um. I’m behind. Let’s get right to it. The tracklist makes me wonder if it’s all like… punk… but the inclusion of a Soul Coughing song is encouraging. Also, I know so little, don’t be insulted if I’m so far off, Valhalla! Anyway, here we go.

Valhalladeath’s mix

Track 1: Let’s Take a Trip Together by Morphine Mmkay, is that some sax? Yeah, mmkay… hmm… Mm, some weird layered vocals… not like bad, though. This is a very laid back song, isn’t it? Apparently he wants to go the scenic route and we’ll get to know each other. The lyrics are sort of romantic, but the music doesn’t really inspire that in me. Hmm, what’s that percussion back there… it doesn’t sound like a normal drug… almost woodblock but not quite. Eh, I dunno. I think it’s how the guy sings that keeps it from feeling romantic to me. He’s got this unique sort of tone but I’m not getting anything behind it, you know? Hmm, fading ending…
Track 2: Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing Ahh, a classic. Super Bon Bon. I am a Soul Coughing fan, if the inclusion of a Soul Coughing track on my own mix didn’t give it away. I like the Propellerhead remix of this a little more, I think, but the original is really good too. Now, see, as I listen to it, it has a similar quality to the last song… very laid back… but I like this one a whole lot more… is it the lots more percussion, or Doughty’s much more trippy lyrics that go along with it? Or is it where it kicks it up a notch during the refrain? I dunno. “And by! The Phone! I Live! In Fear! Sheer Chance! Will Draw! You In! To Hear!” Fuck yeah. Heh. I think there’s something about Soul Coughing in how Doughty’s voice is both vocal and like… instrument, you know? Maybe? His repetition gives it a much more rhythmic quality than just singing, and yet there are words there to… get. The end.
Track 3: Breaker by Low Ooooh, there’s some clapping. Clapping is exciting right… and some weird electric organ music… kinda piercing, actually… not all that pleasant to hear… hmm, I wonder if the song is gonna “break it down” anytime soon or if it’s just going to be all this… mmm, nope, just all this… but they added vocals… but man, I don’t like that electric organ sound… it’s not a pleasant listening experience with it’s minor and it’s high shrillness and shite… hmm, there’s a guy AND a girl singing now… Oh, here’s some guitar… are they going to break it down…? The song is like… 2/3rds over with by now, though… No, just… some more stuff in the background under the Ahhhs and the piercing noise… Apparently there’s got to be an end to that, though. So that’s nice.
Track 4: Crestfallen by (+/-) Interesting band name… ohh, weird vocal samples for percussion… and what is that stringed instrument… harpsicord…? That’s just a random guess… this isn’t too bad, though… I just hope it “breaks it down.” Does that make any sense, when I say that? Basically, I mean, make a huge change and… BAM! There it is! Breaking it down! Now we got all these drums and guitars! Yeah! That’s real nice… I like this song… I might like it better if it was less… instrumental and had some more vocals… more I listen to these CDs the more I realize I love a good set of vocals and lyrics in my songs… probably because I’m that person singing along with the songs in my car all the time. Aww, a nice ending.
Track 5: Solace of You by Living Colour Hmm, that opening reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on what… okay, here’s some singing… mmm, he’s all… what’s that I’m trying to say… I have no idea. Something about his voice… bleh, I dunno. It’s kinda repetitious so far… oh, okay, it’s changing. Here’s a verse, I suppose… oh and there’s some background vocals… Yeah, this is a nice enough song, but it’s not going to get into my regular listening schedule… but it’s nice. Wish I knew what it was reminding me of, though, so I could let you know… mmm… Ooh, I like this “gotta go back inside” thing at the end there… yeahyeah.
Track 6: Life in One Day by Howard Jones Oh, what? What? This song? I know this song… I never had a name or a title for it, though… they play this at my workplace, so I do have an automatic aversion to it, though I admit it is one of the BETTER songs they play at my workplace… not one of the best, though. (They sometimes play Gorillaz, The Darkness, and Guster, for example) Oh well, I guess I’ll play the flute and dance and sing my song until it gets over with… but yeah, instant bad feeling towards it because it’s a workplace song. Sorry.
Track 7: Sunday Bloody Sunday by Saul Williams I think I heard a version of this by Richard Cheese… I have a feeling I’ll keep thinking of that while I listen to this one. But okay, here are some drums… and some singing… Yeah, definitely have listened to a version of this by Richard Cheese. Certainly trying to be intense, isn’t it? With the little electric wacka wacka noises… Yeah, it’s acting all intense but the pace is very slow… well, okay, not VERY slow, but… slower than I would expect… it seems like it’s trying to pump me up, you know, and it’s not, because it’s moving too slow to do that… 2NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE! We can be as 1, baybee. Wow, what’s up with this bridge? Serious electric… stuff… overtaking the song! It’s eating it alive! Oh, and now it’s suddenly gone because of tears being wiped away. Was it all supposed to be tears? And now there’s a spoken part here about fact as fiction and crying and needing a drink and death… yeah… “trying to be intense” is my short impression of this song. And it ends abruptly.
Track 8: No More Love by God Lives Underwater Woah, I already love this song… this opening is great. I hope it does something good with it… mmm, not bad, though the music is eating the vocals and they’re like… doing something weird with multiple voices to make it hard to understand… Yeah, I love that guitar thing at the beginning, and now it’s repeating again… the singing isn’t carrying me along between them, though, as I’d like… it’s still pretty good, though. Mmm, only halfway through the song, eh? I guess this is the bridge? It has an Ahhhhhhhhhh going on over the guitars… and it keeps on Ahhhhhing and falling in pitch… and then back up… No Moooooooooooore! (love) is how they’re singing it… oooooh, now they’re breaking it down… with that guitar and some electric beats on top of it… yeahyeahyeah, I like this… man, I wish I liked the singing parts in the middle as much as I’m liking this part at the end. This is nice… and fade away ending…
Track 9: Chrome by VNV Nation Oh nos, some sort of aliens invading… all electric… oooh yeaaaaaaaah, I like that… some nice techno-y beats there… let’s bring it all together with some solid vocals… okay, here’s the singing… mmm, not bad… not bad… now break it down, make it more intense… no, didn’t… hm… still, some nice base behind it… awww, okay, here’s the refrain and it still doesn’t KICK IT UP A NOTCH, you know? Bring it back to the level of that opening with the refrain? It’s still more subdued… that’s not what I want… I want that energy through the whole thing… but it just goes away when the guy starts singing… he’s not excited with the music, he’s just singing and there’s music behind him… he’s gotta go with it, you know? Gotta… eh, it’s going to change the song. It’s alright, I’m just disappointed. They start with these strong beats and then get to these generic “let’s sing because this song has lyrics” part that doesn’t DO anything interesting… see, and here’s the bridge, and it’s back to those techno-y beats and it’s building up… and it’s going to build up to him singing again, which will go back down, I know… see, it’s not even building up to the level it was at the beginning… yeah… and an abrupt end…
Track 10: Get Your Body Beat by Combichrist Stutterful… hmm… and it’s got a building thing behind it… am I going to get my body beat by this song? I dunno… it’s thump-y… again, going for intensity, I think… it’s got these evil growl sorts of noises in the background there… hm… oh yeah, okay, intense singing… Well, at least my complain about the song not being in tune with the singing and the music not hitting the high it had at the beginning is moot on this song. The music builds with him. Ooh man, the song is dropping F-bombs! Oh nos! Go! Go! Pyew! Pyew! Let your blood flow! I don’t know what genre of music to call this, but it’s not really a genre I listen to. Still, it’s got energy and it know what’s its trying to do… okay, here’s the bridge, and it’s… just sort of sitting there with creepy stutter-y talking in the background… maybe sung through one of those things that make your voice come out like the guitar? If I could play instruments, I’d use one of those all the damn time, those things are cool. Anyway, I would stop to go get my body beat and let my blood flow, but I still have 12 tracks to go, so I guess I must disregard the song’s advice for the time being. Okay, for the end, the song sorta fell into the background… and runs for a little… and then stops.
Track 11: Speed by Atari Teenage Riot Well, definitely feels speedy so far. …huh… they seem to be having fun. But there’s just them singing over all this random noise… most of it at a really really fast pace… there’s a guy and a girl…. mostly the guy except on the refrain I guess? SPEED! SPEED! SPEEEEEEEEEED! I’m trying to think of how this is different from what Melt-Banana does on a lot of their songs, with her just sorta yelling over random stuff in the background? I really can’t find a good way to put it. It is different in my head, though, most definitely… SPEED! And it’s over.
Track 12: No “W” by Ministry A choir? Oh nos… sounds ominous… despicable acts of terror and evil? Damn! And now some heavy guitar over the choir sample. And now here’s some really fast guitars… dudddlaudddladuddla… and some really fast singing to go along with it. Very sorta… guttural? Is that the word? And here’s a sustained something… I dunno what he’s saying… Crash, maybe? Something. Well, it all certainly is up-tempo… this is like… like… Tony Hawk music. That’s what this makes me think of. Maybe that’s an insult? I dunno, playing Tony Hawk was the only place I heard stuff like this… I don’t get out much, musically. Heh. God Bless America, the end.
Track 13: Push It by Static-X Duddaduddaudda DOO duddaduddadudda DOO! Yeah, you’re whatever, yeah, you’re something else, yeah! Yeah! Listen to them grunt and try so hard to be HARDCORE. Apparently he sees it and needs it! Then stop pushing it, man! You’re just going to forget where you pushed it to! I dunno, this song isn’t doing much for me. Heh, oh, wow, that’s kinda different in the bridge here… with the little tinklies… but… yeah… forgettable in my book… it’s not really keeping my attention here.
Track 14: The Unthinking Majority by Serj Tankian See, yeah, this is the sort of music I was thinking about when I wrote the intro… these last few tracks… are these not punk? I mean, I have no clue. Oh, okay, this completely changed… and is singing about Antidepressants… awww, I don’t like those lyrics, seeing as my boyfriend just started taking antidepressants… These sort of thoughts were why it made me very uneasy when he told me, but I trust him and stuff… but that’s UNRELATED TO THE SONG! I guess that’s what you get when you liveblog, though… ooh, I kinda like this bridge here, though, with the quick guitars… but yeah, the song is kinda political, isn’t it? I don’t tend to get into such things… I guess the whole… back and forth between the antidepressiants part and the other part makes the point of the song pretty well. Fits the message, I mean.
Track 15: The Mob Goes Wild by Clutch Sure, adjust your pants all you want, guy… not gonna stop you… mm, that’s kinda fun, hmm? It’s got a nice beat and stuff to it… it carries me along with it, and I always like that… yeah, this is going to end up being forgettable, but I’m going to enjoy it the whole time it’s playing, I can tell. More political kinda lyrics though, isn’t it? I get the point of those sorts of lyrics… I mean, it’s probably all important in the big scheme of things for people to write such things and distribute such things… but I really don’t care for it… give me creativity and humor with some rocking music or something over making a statement any day… well, a political statement, at least… sometime I guess I’ll have to explain my apathy towards politics… I at least have a justification in place, even though I don’t know if that excuses me. But yeah, anyway, remember that statement about enjoying the song all the way through? I did. The music was simple but catchy and nice.
Track 16: Tom Sawyer by Mindless Self Indulgence Not one of my favorite MSI songs, in all honesty, but then again I only have one album by them that I like like 3 songs off of. It’s not the sort of music I tend to gravitate towards, but my ex-girlfriend in the past really liked them and, as I said, got me into several of their songs. I don’t think I like this song because it doesn’t inspire me to sing along with it… but maybe that’s just because I’ve never taken the time to figure out what the fuck it’s about and what he’s singing, I dunno. It’s not bad, though. The end.
Track 17: Ridicule by American Head Charge This is surprisingly slower and more acoustic than expected. There’s a lot of mumbling I can’t understand going on… and now there’s some guitar…? And more mumbling… and more guitar… and more mumbling… and now it’s more… whatever. He’s all scream-y and it’s got those sort of… hard guitars in the background… what the fuck is that sort of sound called… metal, maybe? Hell, I dunno, that assumption is made like completely off of watching Metalocalypse. And now it’s gotten all slow again… and then back to that thing… Oh, okay, here’s some serious guitar and screaming again… I will never see you agaaaaaain! Apparentleeeeeeee! And some sadder yelling… and then back to the slower acoustic-y stuff… till the end, maybe? It’s looking like it… yes… yes… and… yes, to the end! Setting up for another song on the album I don’t have.
Track 18: Circle by Slipknot Phone-calling noises…? What…? Okay, some acoustic guitar… You can have all the dust you’d like, guy. Time has flesh, apparently. Sounds delicious. Should cook it up and eat it! Or something. That was a stupid thought… he’s singing lightly with repeating guitar beats and now here it went to a refrain… is there some violin in the background? No, I think I’m crazy… He knows the way, that’s nice… Yeah, this song has no energy, so I don’t really like it much at all… Also, everything he sings has this echo for whatever reason… I don’t think I want to follow him, really… ooh, I do like all this drums and stuff at the end here with the weird noise of the top… but it’s the end of the song… see? Over.
Track 19: March of the Pigs by Nine Inch Nails Peppy… doot dee doot dee dootdoot dee! Aren’t these guys like big or something? I can’t remember ever hearing a song by them before. But he’ll let me come down, which is nice. Now there’s quiet whispering singing and suddenly piano…? And then it explodes again after silence… interesting, at least. Heh. And it seems to be repeating the pattern… yeah… except there’s more piano… and the piano is the end of the song…? Yep.
Track 20: Backstabber by Dresden Dolls More piano, but it seems to be a main instrument… oooh, female vocalist. Nice piano… I’m all for piano as a rock instrument… or something… heh… this is actually feeling like more of an Essner song to me… it’s pretty good, but it’s not really getting under my skin and making me rock out to it. But it’s fun. There’s some male vocals behind her voice…? I think. There’s some building list I’m not completely paying attention to. Damn me. It’s a nice background song, though, but like I said, it’s not taking me over and making me pay attention. It’s also very soft and happy-feeling for a song called “Backstabber.” Oh! Oh! Was that an F-bomb I hear near the end? And we’re going out with a lot of piano, it seems.
Track 21: I Got Lost by Dinosaur Jr. I want to like this band, because it’s name is Dinosaur Jr. which is a great band name. But it’s starting very slow and acoustic here, which is turning me off, thanks for my pointless dislike of most slow songs… oh, there’s some big drums building now… but we’re still intro-ing… still intro-ing… is there going to be singing? There is is… and… wow… yeah… not liking that… how to describe that… so… pointlessly falsetto… and it has some sort of filter over it… something softer and less annoying would have fit this song a little better, wouldn’t it? Maybe? I’d like it more, maybe… yeah, I really wanna turn this song off, but I shall persevere through the last half. Damn you, Dinosaur Jr.! You have such a cool name! There’s some strings in the background… something bigger, like a cello, maybe? I dunno why I always try to guess the instruments. I don’t know enough to be accurate at all, really. All the way, all the way, now… singing in an annoying way now… And it’s over.
Track 22: Cure for Pain by Morphine This is the same band as at the beginning, isn’t it? Yeah, it is, I’m not stupid. I can remember names. There’s a sax, front and center. Where is the taste? That’s a good question. I’d like to know that myself. Yeah, not a lot here for me to get excited about… but at least it’s not annoying me like the last song. It’s kinda soft and lazy… and he’s throwing his drugs away… and it’s going all sax solo, which is nice, certainly… someday, there will apparently be a cure for pain… I don’t like that idea, though. Pain is useful, even if… painful. You want to still be able to feel pain, you just want to be able to deal with it well… oh well, CD over.

So, yeah, I was mediocre to most of the songs, but it was alright. I could get into a few, and I love Soul Coughing… so… there you have it, I suppose.

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