May 30, 2009

One Day…

I am not really a music person. My parents are the sorts that listened to Talk Radio when I was growing up, so I was never really exposed to music until I was introduced to They Might Be Giants during my high school years. Even then, I myself almost always listen to my generation’s version of Talk Radio, podcasts, and never really tend to attempt to broaden my music listening experiences.

Thus, it felt like kind of a big deal when, listening to this Radio Lab’s podcast, I got introduced to a musician that I have very quickly fallen in love with: Juana Molina.

Seriously, just take a moment, go to her website, and take a listen to the little player that plays, hm?

The first thing you might think of, if you know me, is that this doesn’t normally sound like the kind of music I listen to. I enjoy very quick, energetic, pop rock kind of music. Say, a little Franz or Flans-centric TMBG or whatever. But damn, I don’t know what it is about her music that really gets to me. I mean, it’s really fucking pretty. I doubt few would argue with that, but why do I like it?

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it does have a constant repetition and beat. This is due to the fact that all the songs are made with just her and her guitar, and then using this looping software where she plays a bit, clicks a button and it just loops, and then she adds another layer, and so on. So it has this constant beat I can get into.
That’s my theory, anyway.

No matter what the reason, I love this stuff. After hearing the podcast, I went and grabbed her latest album, Un Dia, and have been listening to it constantly. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to the whole album… let’s see… at least 6 times. I never listen to music this much. It’s something special. And I feel like I need to share it with everyone.

I have big hopes for this album. I hope that I can write while listening to it because it doesn’t have lyrics I can follow. (I’m one of those people who can’t write while listening to music with lyrics, you understand. I want to sing along and it just breaks my flow.) But I’m listening to it while writing this blog post, and it seems to be going okay. Huzzah!

But yeah. Juana Molina. Awesome.
(I will end every blog post with “yep” now. Yep.)

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