May 15, 2009

In which Alena crawled out of the guts of an alligator and dealt significant damage.

So, on Tuesday, we got to finally play more Dungeons and the Dragons! Huzzah! It had been awhile, but I’m glad it didn’t peter out. I’ve been having too much fun at it. So we all sat down, tried desperately to remember where we were, and set off into the desert.

Our first order of business was to cut down a palm tree for no reason. Ledeinshaft (also known as Guy de Purplopolis in some circles) fucking criticaled that tree! Then all the boys went on ahead while Canadia and I had some girl talk. Then people started to get eaten by burrowing sand alligators. I told them to stop dicking around, we didn’t have room for pets on the Astral Skiff, but noooo, they just kept getting eaten anyway!
The battle itself was fairly straightforward. I didn’t do much, as usual! Cause I can’t hit the broad side of a barn, it seems. We also didn’t pay attention and realize there was a gimmick about the place, but we crushed those lizards anyway. They were bastards.
The battle ended with the last lizard eating me, and Lord Captain Allouishous slicing off his head with me still inside. I had to climb out through disgusting alligator guts! I complained. “But we got eaten too!” they said! “Well, you just got thrown up nice and easy, I had to climb out! Stop playing with lizards!”

We soon ended up in an impressive set piece of a temple. There were tons of guarding spirits about that I could see with my Shamanvision (TM) but they were all untalkative dicks. I told them as such. We headed into the temple of Ioun, where, after wandering about a bit and a equally untalkative spirit helping me to find a secret passage, we managed, in our infinite wisdom, to turn on some robots.
It was then that something odd happened. We attempted to employ strategy. Talk around the table became about how to lead these robots through the passage to pick them off one at a time. I didn’t much like the plan, mostly because Sehanine doesn’t seem like the planning sort of goddess, and she’s MY goddess. But whatever, they enacted the plan. It didn’t work perfectly. The line was broken. But it was shockingly effective. The main enemy got bonuses for being around its minions, so our strategy managed to neutralize that pretty well, after he pushed through our ranks and we worked to hold the rest behind our line. I also managed to, GASP, deal damage! I got a crit with pretty well my heaviest hitter, Spirit Tide. That dealt 25 damage to the target, and 10 damage to all enemies within 5 squares… which was everyone. It was a shocking feeling, actually doing damage. Man, is this the rush Spaeth gets every time he attacks, I thought? But eh, such is the life of the healer.

In any case, we schooled that encounter too, much to Jonathan’s surprise, and we leveled up to level 12. I gained… a not very impressive utility power! I can teleport anyone to switch places with my spirit companion once an encounter now. Useful, but not really exciting. I also get a feat, but I have no idea which one that is. I might just take Paragon Defenses, I dunno.

Still, I hope it’s not another three week or whatever gap before we can play again. Dungeons and Dragons be fun times. I know this may come as a shocker, but it’s true.

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