October 16, 2012

Now On Onthestick.com: Ponies.

Hello! I wrote another thing! Can you believe this shit? Me writing a thing? I mean, seriously. This one is about a My Little Pony fan horror game. I couldn’t resist a little trolling, so to speak, but for some reason they actually let me do it. So, uh, you know. Take a look at it here.

One more article and then all my articles are done! Whew! How they were set in the timeline just made them all kind of naturally bunch up, I suppose. Anyway, one last one tomorrow, and it’s kind of the one I feel the most like… well, it’s the game I really want people to know about and try that they may not have tried, I’ll say that. See you tomorrow for another one of these silly little posts reminding you about it!

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