October 15, 2012

Now on Onthestick.com: Hear My Frightening Voice In A Nice Podcast

Hey, look, more self promotion! And there’s going to be more for like two more days, so, you know, sorry about that. Anyway, that podcast I recorded with the On The Stick guys is up, and over here. I’d hope you’d be listening to it anyway, because I’d hope you’re a fan of their podcast. I’m always really entertained by it when I listen, and I’m lucky enough to know all of them, you know?

I listened to some of it so far, and my voice wasn’t TOO terrible. I can almost listen to it now. Not that I sound great. But that’s really more my holdup. I’m sure you’ll not have any problems with it. Or if you do, tell me so I can despair about it for weeks or whatever. Heh.

In any case, I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think, sarcasm about my voice aside! And hey, two more articles coming from me in the next two days. So, uh, look forward to two more posts like this. I hope this glut of content from me is a boon and not just something weird. Yep!

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