July 20, 2012

You Should Listen To These Podcasts.

Here are two podcasts you may not be listening to, and if you aren’t, you are a terrible person. Or at least don’t like listening to awesome podcasts.

Idle Thumbs is back. Kickstarted and back officially now. Not progresscasts. The real deal. That’s really all I need to say. But my goodness, it is like… the same show! The same show I always loved. It’s pretty well exactly the same. That is so fucking awesome. Famous does a great job being the third dude. He fits right in. Listen to Idle Thumbs, goddamn.

The other new podcast I’ve been adoring is Retsutalk. Now, if you don’t watch Retsupurae, you probably should be, because slowbeef and Diabetus are pretty awesome and funny dudes. I dunno, I really like them. When they decided to do a podcast, though, I thought that was weird. I wondered if they’d be as entertaining without something to play off of. But Retsutalk is funny and interesting thus far, and I am really, really enjoying it. I hope they keep up with it and keep doing it.

That’s it for now. I’m all lame and not providing you content, so go get some good content from them, yeah? I’ll try to get back in the groove sometime.

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