June 28, 2012

Presents Are The Only Solution.

Hi, everyone! I’m a blogger! I blog everyday! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I continue to be a failure.)


I think it’s interesting that my response to feeling monetary pressure is to feel amazing urges to buy people gifts. Like, I’m feeling a lot of monetary pressure right now. Kohl’s sucks, I’m not making near enough money to pay rent, etc, much less, you know, relax and have a good time, and that plus my medical bills are eating through all the money I had saved up for the summer during the semester real quick-like. I’ve been kinda panicking.

And then I, you know, realize I really need to start buying presents for people. Cara and Chris and all kinds of people. Presents! Presents. Exciting.

I mean, I like buying presents! I regret nothing, and it’s not like I’ve spent a lot of money. I’ve not been insane. But it’s still pretty silly of me, I guess.

Coping mechanisms, like buying presents or hiding from a blog or a project I’m supposed to be working on, are really dumb, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

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