June 13, 2012

Miniblog: Moving A Thing Is Traumatic, Apparently.

Today we moved my desk from one side of my office to the other, a process that caused me to fall into hysterics several times and eventually cry for awhile.

No, nothing broke. No, nothing really went all that wrong, besides me stepping on a sharp thing. Yes, all we did was move my desk and a bookshelf. Yes, I am a fucking idiot.

I mean, I know why I get hysterical when there’s big changes to places where I relax and such. I have this whole history of being super ultra dependent on having my spaces being exactly the same time and again so I can feel centered and like the world isn’t total and utter shit, you know? I came to depend on that. Really depend on that. So when that gets disrupted, even when I’m in control and I’m okay with it all and everything, I still get so worked up until things can settle down and I can settle back in. It’s really fucking annoying. I shouldn’t be so stupid.

I really shouldn’t. But here I am, I guess. At least we got the desk moved.

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