May 11, 2012

Avenging: Not A Useless Pastime.

Sometimes, people gotta avenge, you know? It’s like, you can’t just sit there and NOT avenge. It’s avenging time. Gotta do it.

Anyway, yeah, I watched The Avengers. Spoilers and shit, probably.

First off, we saw it in 3D. This was totally useless, but CJ hadn’t really seen any 3D movies, so, you know. Novelty. Still, don’t waste your money if you don’t have a reason like that.

Secondly, I was just glad they pulled the whole thing off. The worry about this sort of ensemble movie is that everyone is going to be constantly fighting for screen time and nobody is going to do anything worthwhile, or your favorite dudes are going to get completely lost in the dust. Personally, I felt like they nailed that stuff. I had no problems with all of that at all. I figured what would happen going in was that Tony Stark would steal the show, and he did, but that didn’t leave a void of cool things for everyone else to do, which surprised and pleased me.

Thirdly, it’s great that Hollywood has figured out how to make an action movie that is just genuinely funny and entertaining and at times bordering on touching in a way that’s not stupid and frustrating. Death of SHIELD dude got a little close to being a bit over the top for me, but I felt like they managed to handle that in a way that didn’t get too sappy, which was appreciated.

Anyway, what this movie showed me, more than anything else, is that Captain America is screwed. He has 0 mobility! The Captain can’t do anything useful! He was left fighting random dudes and saving civilians during the big fight. If only he had a super jump or something! I dunno! He’s so strong, but he can’t get to the fight, so what’s the use? That sucks. Poor Captain of the America.

Anyway, those are mostly my thoughts? I don’t have a lot of thoughts about it. It was just flat-out entertaining and fun, but really didn’t do anything particularly novel or whatever. The end. It’s a movie you should see. So see it, I guess? That’s a good idea.

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