November 16, 2007

Liveblogging Eirikr’s Listening Time Mix

So I’m opening up this thing and woah, there’s like another envelope made of folded paper… and… goodness. It appears to be some sort of musical journey planned, and he has little sentences about what happens in each of the tracks and stuff… hm. And there’s like… sections of three tracks… how am I going to lay this out on here? Well, let’s see… I guess I’ll put everything up there before my ramblings. As I type them, though, I have a feeling most of these tracks are going to be things I thoroughly enjoy in the context of something, but just floating out there vaguely in general I won’t get much out of… I guess I can try to picture this journey as I go? I suppose that’s the idea. I’ll do my best.

…metempsychosis, the eternal cycle of mortality to godhood…

Track 1: Prologue ( Red Wings – Game Music Concert – The Best Selection – Nobuo Uematsu)
Beyond your perception are the forces controlled only by fate.
Drumdruums… OH, Okay, I didn’t recognize it immediately from the title, but this is the music like… at the beginning of FFIV. It’s a really nice little piece. Not something I’d listen to at random… but it has sort of a feeling of… it sums up Cecil’s sorta feelings about having to do things but not liking the methods…? It’s sort of regal and respected, but there’s that undercurrent of dread kinda in there. I suppose it does fit that little sentence up there pretty well… sorta… embodying how you have to go along with fate, no matter what…

Track 2: Blessing of Mother Earth (Home Village Arni – Chrono Cross – Yasunori Mitsuda)
This is the familiar world: what you know and have always known.
Mmm, Chrono Cross. Everyone says it has an amazing soundtrack, but I never really recall its soundtrack at all, and I beat the damn thing… it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. And this is a sort of nice windy quiet town sort of theme, but it isn’t really doing a WHOLE lot for me. It’s kinda nice, but I dunno… these sorts of feelings it evokes… about everything sort of being quiet and okay, just sort of make me nervous. There has to be SOMETHING wrong… I guess that’s just a problem with how my mind works, though. Anyway, is that like… a harpsichord…? Is that what that is? I have no idea. But yeah, I guess I do feel a power in this song, but in general this would be the kind of music I would leave just in the background of something.

Track 3: Revealed Destiny (A Fate Accepted – Odin Sphere – Hitoshi Sakimoto)
In whatever form it takes, a greater calling beckons you to journey beyond your sphere.

Odin Sphere, eh? The game I wanted to love but was so damn repetitive… I don’t know if the song is beckoning me onward as it tells. I guess it’s a little bittersweet…? Maybe a looking back on what you’re leaving sort of thing…? But I don’t feel that calling… it feels more like a look back than a look forward, and isn’t that what destiny is…?

Track 4: Farewell to Familiar Earth (Tina – Final Fantasy VI Grande Finale – Nobuo Uematsu)

Let the sun’s rays warm you one last time as you bid goodbye to what you hold dear.

Oh, this is just the world music…? Isn’t it? Man, I’m such an FFVI n00b in general. Never beat the damn thing. I wonder why this is Tina’s theme…? This is the world music, right? Maybe I’m just insane. There’s certainly been more exciting world themes… I like the one in FFIX myself, if I remember correctly. But I like how this is like… building up more and more as it goes along… like as you leave and move forward you’re filled with more… determination and whatever. On an unrelated note, I really need to learn how to spell certainly at some point. I keep having to spell-check it and I use it all the fucking time. Ooh, a little downward movement… I wonder if it’s going to end like that… yeah… it’s slowing to a finish… hm.

Track 5: Passageway to Beyond (Labyrinth – Soukaigi – Hiroki Kikuta)
Your eyes are no boon in the labyrinthine recesses of the subconscious.

Oooh, exciting. It works well with the sort of slow down what the hell is this sort of thing from the last track. I have no idea what game this is, though. Mm, it’s less exciting than I thought, though. The drums are nice, but it’s still kinda airy backgroundy stuff… actually knowing and liking the next track, I do wonder how it’s going to move onto it without being all… weird. Also, there’s a lot of tambourine in this song. Yay…? Hmm, this part sort of reminds me of the flying on Flammie music. I think it’s the little wavery strings there… Also, okay, the little sentence seems to suggest there would be some level of dread to this song, but it’s generally uplifting… oh, it ends abruptly…

Track 6: The First Struggle (Mass Destruction – Burn My Dread: Persona 3 Reincarnation – Shoji Meguro)
A journey is never without hardship: shadows will could your mind and impede your progress.
Yeah, it didn’t slide into this song very well. It’s so… not orchestrated, it’s jarring. Not that I’m complaining. I LOVE Persona 3’s soundtrack, and this remix album is pretty awesome, too. However, the remix really sort of… suggest less of the hardship and battle that, say, the original or FES versions do, which the sentence suggests is what I’m supposed to be feeling from it…? I don’t know. It’s more like… fun hardship… a friendly challenge rather than a potential setback, if that makes sense. Yeah, I’m just sitting here rocking out to this song. Heh heh. Love it.

Track 7: An Unknown Calm (Disco – Shin Megami Tensei II – Tsukasa Masuko)

Twisted visages support recognizable elements, serving to alleviate your confusion and regret.

Hmm, yeah, you can tell this is from an earlier age. Blippy. But not bad. I like blippy. I never played a MegaTen game before Persona 3, so I’m not familiar with this. It’s not bad… I get the Disco thing from it, and the little fake vocals are kinda cool. I get the sort of recognizable in the midst of confusion thing this is going for, I suppose. It’s different than the early orchestral stuff and even the last track, but still music, and the voices are recognized as voices, but are different because they’re synthy… yeah. Ooh, abrupt end.

Track 8: Fated Encounter (Tearful Twilight – Ys: The Oath in Felghana)
By chance, the first feelings of assumed ecstasy wash over you.

Mmm, yeah. already sorta disliking this… Not… not really my kinda music… well, most of this isn’t, but this moreso… it doesn’t feel… different. It feels fairly generic for this type of thing, maybe? It’s certainly not filling me with ecstasy, assumed or otherwise. It’s just… neutral… very neutral. I don’t know what this is supposed to make me feel like, really. Hm. Oh well, it’s over now.

Track 9: Appearance of Chaos (MELKABA – Xenogears CREID – Yasunori Mitsuda)
The aspects of your self make it known to you they abhor and fear this journey.

Mmmmm, no no… oh, oh wait… I like that… hm. I like the little quiet background stuff… oh woah… that’s neat… what instrument is that… bagpipes, I guess…? I’m not getting abhor or fear from this, but it is pretty neat. Woah woah woah, it just broke it down! Was not expecting that! Vocals and guitars… yeah, not fear abhor, though… well, maybe abhor… a general reluctance to something that must be done, maybe… man, this song is really cool. I mean, it’s not really music I listen to. None of it has been except the Persona 3 track… but I’m getting more out of it with this guide in general… but man, this song is just neat! I mean, I don’t think I’ll seek it out, but I definitely have to get the boyfriend to listen to it. He listens to this sort of soundtrack thing. I think he’ll get a kick out of it. Man, it’s awesome! And now just the vocals… and it could be the end… but it changed to more plinky stuff… man, neat track, and one I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. I guess that alone makes this CD trading project a success, eh? And a slow fade away…

Track 10: Steps Into The Divine Realm (House of Sacred Remains – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – Michiru Yamane)

You have surpassed the doorway between earth and heaven; it is now shut and locked eternally.

Hmmm… king enters…? What? I guess that’s the surpassing… and now there’s this bloodpump noise and singing… though it isn’t really giving me a shut and locked feeling so much… more of a hidden cave sort of thing… definitely a moving forward kinda feeling, though I guess that goes with the sentence. Oh oh, it broke it down too! That moment could be the door locking, easy, and then a bit of panic knowing you can’t go back, yeah yeah. Okay. I can hear this one, certainly. There’s like some Castlevania organ-ness in the background now… I guess this end is sort of a “okay, I’m fucked, I have nowhere to go but forward…” and then, yeah, back to that theme I said felt “forward.”

Track 11: Hot-Blooded Vein (Heavy Metal Bomber – Thunder Cross II)
The adjustment to the metaphysical world is difficult; at first, images from the old world dominate your focus.

This is definitely a quick battle-y theme… it’s from a Shmup, isn’t it? I think that’s what Thunder Cross II is. It’s pretty nice in that blippy video-gamey music way. It would get me pumped up to play and then I would die a lot because it’s a shmup. I don’t really think it’s in any way making me feel adjustment or anything, though… Or an “old world.” It’s, like I said, battle. Fighting. Upbeat. I guess I don’t see any of those things in that. Ooh, that bridge is kinda neat, though. Dramatic finish!!!!!!

Track 12: Transcendence of Superego (ZERO – Ace Combat Zero – Keiki Kobayashi)
Your conscience struggles with you to grasp the nature of divinity.

Some electronic noises over strings… Okay, yeah, there’s definitely a struggle going on in this track. For some reason I find myself thinking of Metal Gear. Have no real reason why. Some little piece must remind me of something from Metal Gear… eh, who knows. But yeah, that’s a track that fits the sentence, I think. Oooh, I like the castanets and dancing sort of sounds… what kinda sound is that… I dunno… like… Born to Be Bone style. That’s nice. Quite nice, actually. Oh, and instead of going back, it kept it all and added some dramatic vocals. Oh, and now we’re going back to slower… but yeah, what’s like… the name for that guitar style? I do tend to like that, but I don’t have a word for it or a good way to describe it. And a fade-away ending…

Track 13: Visions of Metempsychosis (Theme of Laura (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2 – Akira Yamaoka)

For but a glimpse, you see what awaits you beyond mortality.

Pianos… Silent Hill soundtrack, eh? I really liked Silent Hill 2. It was probably the best of the series so far. (Sorry, Tomm, haven’t played yours yet, maybe it’s really good) And there’s some strings… eh, not doing a lot for me in general. But let’s see… glimpse of beyond mortality… yeah, I can see that… sort of… looking into a mirror or something… and seeing hazy visions…

Track 14: Swallowed in Fear (Abandoned Mines B1 – Vagrant Story – Hitoshi Sakimoto)
Alone your mind contemplates the meaning of your mortality and what will come net.
Definate mine-y music. It’s the echo and the sounds that sort of sound like water dripping that says “mine” or “cave.” I guess I can see contemplation in this. It’s a quiet sort of thing… and it seems to be building… like your mind is working faster… and faster… getting more nervous and excited as you get closer to the truth… going and going and going and… yeah. Yeah, okay. I get it. I never did play Vagrant Story either. I’m such a bad gamer sometimes. Ooh, okay, it changed to more of a dramatic evil thing there with this steam woosh noise and stuff… I guess the conclusion that is being reached is kinda sinister…?

Track 15: Rejection of Ego (CODA – Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle)
You discover that the true self is only a half-truth.

Oooh, dramatic. Snatcher, eh? Game I wish I had played… Ooooh, rockin’! Electric guitars… but a slow sort of rocking… which is fitting for a sort of dramatic revelation, I suppose, as opposed to a dramatic battle. Sort of a “No, it can’t be true!” “But it is! Search your heart!” kinda thing, or something. Preferably with better dialog than that. Wheeeoooooooow! weoooooow!~ Mmm, it goes on a little long for it being a “moment of discovery” though… maybe that’s just me. I mean, the song itself doesn’t feel too long… but for the feeling the sentence says, I mean. Faaaaade away end.

Track 16: Foray Into The Cosmos (Gradius Medley – Gradius – Arranged by Sota Fujimori)

Your mind has split from the body and drifts among the celestial gods.

Woah woah woah, that’s a whole hell of a lot different than the last track. Techno dance-y woah. There is no feeling of drifting in this, at all… it’s… it’s dance-feeling, like I said… I guess, perhaps, the celestial gods enjoy a good rave now and again…? But if my mind has split from my body, that would make it hard to rave effectively…? I guess i could get a sort of space rocket spinning and twirling happily around in space feeling from this too… but I still don’t know if that’s the sort of feeling being among gods is supposed to be like. I would think it would be something more like… awe… you know? They’re gods, for crying out loud. Beings of crazy power you could only just imagine. You don’t dance, you go “Holy shit, gods!” Maybe.
Bleh, Jonathan gaming in here. On with the headphones I hate so fucking much. The god-rave is still going on… for a long, long while. 1, 2, 3, 4. and on and on and on… okay, finally over. Gods, I hate these headphones.

Track 17: Revelation of the Mind’s Eye (Spider’s String – Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner – Shoji Meguro)
Godhood awaits beyond your final melancholy moments of humanity.
Mmm, more MegaTen stuff, eh? Slow, though. I think Persona 3 is probably fairly different in feel than the rest of the series anyway. But yeah, that’s definately melancholy and… yeah. Was a bit distracted during that short track…

Track 18: Supression of Id (Battle – Shin Megami Tensei II – Comp. by Tsukasa Masuko, Arr. by Sword of Justice)
Nature must finally release it’s grip on you; she has no more sustenance to bear.

Woah woah, yeah! Rockin’ Battle track! Take that nature! Get the hell off me, motherfucka! Man, if I had played this RPG when I was younger I would have gone fucking crazy over this theme… I am now… I need to get me a copy of this… wait… I have it on a CD. I can rip it. Ha. Oh yeah, this is going in my battle themes folder of my MP3 player. (Yes, I have a whole folder dedicated to battle themes so I can have imaginary boss battles against what ails me. Shut up.) But yeah, it’s not so much a release as a punch Mother Nature square in the face and get the fuck out of there sort of feeling. Not… say… the feeling of freedom one might get with a gentle release from nature.

Track 19: Tears of Pandemonium (Demise of the Ritual – Shadow of the Colossus – Kow Otani)

The chaos of mortality is now in the past.

Yeah, I expected something down a bit with that sentence. Very… church-y. I don’t guess I ever got far enough in Shadow of the Colossus to hear this music… I don’t recall it. IT doesn’t sound very happy, though, for leaving something that sounds kinda bad, “chaos of mortality,” behind. Ooh, especially that part. That’s sinister-sounding. It’s not really very comforting to have that behind you, I guess. Then again, immortality is kinda scary and bad-sounding.

Track 20: Shedding the World (Boss (Final) – R-Type Final – Yuki Iwai)
Beyond this final step is the esoteric knowledge of creation.

Dramatic choir… the sound keeps going back and forth in my headphones… is that intentional…? It’s kinda annoying and disorienting because it’s happening constantly in a steady rhythm… I guess that’s because the knowledge of creation is hard to grasp maybe? I dunno, I just make up symbolism as I go along. That’s all symbolism is, really, right? Some shit you made up to justify something you noticed? Especially when there’s vocals, though, I could see standing on the last step, looking into the infinite. So I suppose this track is successful in that regard. Hmm, I wonder what the SECRET HIDDEN TRACK coming up next is. I sorta keep thinking it’ll be a joke… like… the Mario Bros theme. But eh, this is all too serious and well put together for a silly joke. We’ll see.

Track 21: Eternal Bliss (???)
Mmm, yeah, guitars and saxaphone… and some vocals with pointless waver-y effect applied to it… I don’t place the song at all… oh… wait… a point…? It’s all being waver-ed out… but now back to normal… huh… laughing… and… that’s it. Well, okay then.

I have to say, that was sort of an abrupt and unsatisfying end. I also have to say that, when given a context to all this music I would never normally listen to, a focus with which to approach the music and look for things… I got more out of it. I paid more attention and I was more… stimulated. It was a very nice Mix. Good jorb!

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