March 18, 2012

Dream Journal: Fever Dreams

When I was completely sick and barely able to sleep, I kept having variants of the exact same dream over and over again. Fuck if I know why. But here’s what was going on.

I had discovered some sort of special sentence. Basically, I had said this sentence, and something insane had happened. Things were destroyed. It was the most dangerous of sentences. Sort of magic, sort of not. In any case, it was extremely powerful.

I had turned myself in so that my sentence-saying power could be harnessed and controlled safely. I had been tied up, bound somewhere, and I was being studied. The sentence itself seemed to keep changing, or I kept trying different sentences. I’m not sure. But I was being invasively researched, and I could not get up.

I seriously had this dream again and again. I’d wake up, and it would have been at the same point where I tried a sentence and it worked, before I saw what it did. Then I’d force myself back to sleep and have the same dream again, pretty well exactly. It was kind of strange. Certainly not something I can remember happening before.

Anyway, there’s a short blog post. I am mostly un-sick now, so I hope to be back at normal blogging strength tomorrow. Later.

That’s pretty crazy. I just had a dream where I was being paid by a billionaire to spend the night in a haunted mansion, which isn’t particularly creative or original.

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