March 13, 2012


When I got my PS3 from CJ (not the CJ I’m now living with, but another good friend CJ) it had a bunch of random movies left on the hard drive that he told me I could enjoy for whatever reason. I never really have, though. I mean, I watched the one that most interested me (The King of Kong) and The Room is on there for some reason, and I know what that is, but I’ve never really watched any of the rest.

However, when we were just sitting on the couch wasting time, CJ (this one is Aesa, not the CJ I got the PS3 from) went “what are these?” and looked through the movies. And then we ended up watching Rad.

It was pretty rad!

Words cannot truly do this masterpiece of a film justice, so I’m just going to suggest you watch this key scene of how Rad does romance. I’ll wait until you get back.

Now just imagine an entire movie basically exactly like that, and you have the movie Rad.

Seriously, though, as a movie, it’s just kind of crazy. It’s like the writers knew what the tropes and such of a gimmicky movie like this were, but they had no idea about how to use them. They piled in tons of cliches, none of them made sense, and then just made everything around them either ridiculous or unrelated to what was actually going on. It’s kind of fantastic in that way. If someone was paying me to put together a BMX movie as quick as possible to cash in on a craze, I would have never come up with a movie like this. Bits and pieces that were in this movie would have appeared: a big race, local guy who knows he can make it big, mother disapproving because her son should go to college instead of doing BMX, asshole professional coming in to town, and so on. None of them would have been anything like the bizarre configuration this movie put them in. That’s what it’s such a great view.

I certainly recommend Rad if you like really, really bad movies that just flummox and perplex. It is quite an experience, and one I’m glad Aesa and I ended up having.

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