March 10, 2012

Here Are Some Links. Now Go Away. It’s Mass Effect Time.

I have a link or two for you. Are you interested? Too bad, you’re getting them anyway.

Let’s get the ponies out of the way first.
Here’s a funny pony video. Whee! Funny pony videos! Amirite?
The wait for the next episode of Friendship is Witchcraft continues, but at least I got to listen to this outtake reel from the other episodes. (I could listen to Griffin riffing as Silver Spoon for a lot longer than they do in the video. Heh.)
This is how you put a nice easter egg in an episode for the fans.

Ever wonder what pets had college degrees? This list on Wikipedia has you covered.
Well hey, Street Fighter x Tekken seems to be doing some things right! Too bad the online is apparently complete ass.
You deserve more pigeon dating, so why not read the sequel to the Hatoful Boyfriend LP that I loved so much awhile back? It’s just as good, if not BETTER.
This pretty well sums up the Mass Effect Situation.
It’s your birthday.
Did you ever wonder how to make the cutest dogs ever? Apparently the solution is to crossbreed any dog with a corgi.
I found this interesting, and then shared it with my class. Maybe you won’t! I dunno.
Word on the street is that this chart is old, but maybe it’s still new to you, like it was to me, and will make you laugh.
Sometimes people on twitter have humorous tweets. Like this one. Or this one.

Bye for now! I’m heading back to the Citadel. I hear I have a lot of favorite stores there.

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