February 18, 2012

Look, They’re Called Links For A Reason.

They link you to things. For serious.

Videos?! In my linkdump??
Here’s a funny skit I just now heard about. Maybe you’ve seen it.
If you ever wanted your heart warmed by a politician, I have the video to do that for you.
Are you afraid?
I love this Mega Man. Too bad I will never get to play as him. But seriously. Just look at him.
Relive this most wonderful James moment I recently rediscovered.

Anyway, let’s move on to Pony Corner, shall we?
This tumblr has caught my attention recently. I dunno why I find it so fascinating.
Since I know you all are dying to know, here’s my results for the pony personality test. Try to act surprised.
I don’t even know what this is.
Hmmm. Intriguing.

Finally, here’s just some other shit. Like an animated gif of a puppy. Puppy!
It has begun. The ultimate QWOP battle.
Is Idle Thumbs coming back? Please tell me this means Idle Thumbs is coming back.
Here’s an actual lesson I have given my students.
This is one of my favorite chainsawsuits of late, because it’s the sort of thing I would actually say. I am that lame.
I once wondered what my kind of victorious game of Starcraft would look like. Now I know.

Finally, just read this. Read it. Read all of it, and keep reading it. Read this.

See you tomorrow with more links! (Just kidding. I’ll write something for then. I’m all linked out.)

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