January 8, 2012

Poetry Scribble: Being Obsessed With Stuff Poetry!

Been awhile since I did one of these! Figured I should again. Here’s a poem about obsession.


Don't mention it.

My jaw will open and close
without a second thought
and my vocal chords
will strike a haunting tone
of facts nobody wants.
Obsessions jam marionette strings
deep into skulls
and tug them this way and that,
and soon you simply aren't aware
of the ridiculous dance
that fills up your day with high kicks
and twirls.
I was at one point rational,
a model citizen
who used intelligence
to grease the wheels
before I poured over tiny details
stomach churning
to absorb them all
with the desperate burn of acid,
molecules becoming cell walls
until, finally, it was me
who shouldn't be set off,
cued to go into a spiel
more annoying than factual,
she who needs to be ran from.

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