October 26, 2011

Dream Journal: Slavery! At the Mall!

Get out your dream interpretation manuals, because I had another vivid dream last night. This dream was weird in a lot of ways. For one, there was a lot of backstory in it. I felt I knew a lot about my “character,” who was me, but also was not me. I was still myself, and for part of it, I had the same friends, but my past was pretty different. It was also a dream where I distinctly remember me being female, which is always a good thing in my eyes. The events don’t really work too well if I wasn’t born female. It’s just nice that my subconscious is finally making that switch, instead of making me a genderless blob of a being like I always used to be. Finally, it’s just odd that, in this dream, imagry that I’m generally pretty okay with and tend to find fairly sexy, like puppy play and whatnot, was incredibly terrifying to me. I felt that fear. Odd. Anyway, here we go.

The first thing I remember was meeting at a big mansion type house with a bunch of people. I don’t really know who these people were: they were just friends of the owner. I apparently was too. He had a huge house, that had a huge grounds that were connected to many other buildings, lakes, buildings under the lakes, and so on, but we mostly stayed in the main house. I was spending a few weeks there as the owner’s guest. Apparently this was not the first time I had done this: we had all been there before. The owner was a rich dude, but he was also kind of a sleazebag. It was obvious that most of us, including myself, were simply using him to spend a vacation in some really obscene wealth. We were mostly free to do whatever we wanted, and we did. Most guests explored the huge grounds. I mostly stayed up in the little room I had claimed for myself, relaxed, slept, ate good food, and so on. I didn’t want to explore, for reasons that wasn’t clear to me at the time, but became clear later.

While staying here, the police arrived. It turned out the owner came into his obscene wealth by unscrupulous means, and they were doing a raid. All the guests scattered. Though I’d done nothing wrong, I got caught up in the rush and ran as well. I was being chased, and I headed out into the grounds. Each building I saw there filled me with fear. They were all fancy, in different styles. There was one which was under a man-made lake. However, they weren’t buildings: they were brothels. The grounds used to be, before the current owner bought it, a sex theme park of sorts, that had many, many sex slaves. The building I had been staying in was part of the area for guests, so it hadn’t inspired any fear in me. I hadn’t seen it. But apparently I had been a slave here, when it was open, and seeing the grounds I was used to caused me to have horrible flashbacks. I ended up having to hide in a building and run through an automated course for pet training that I had been through years ago. I was in tears. This was a bad situation for me. Traumatizing. I made it out, collapsing in the entrance to the building, and was eventually arrested by police officers. I told them what I knew, trying not to cry. I was eventually released for being co-operative and not being directly involved.

There was then a time jump. I was working at a store in a mall. This store was in a mall that catered to sex pet owners. This was apparently common in the world of my dream. People would come in with their pets on leashes, and it would make me shiver and shake uncontrollably. Nobody knew I had escaped that world. However, while I was trying to work, I was also attempting to organize some sort of mall-wide dinner event. It was going to be a big party, and I was trying to get everything set up. However, all the various store managers could not agree on what the main course would be, and it was all going to fall apart. Essner, Droid, Spaeth, and I were running around attempting to come to some sort of agreement with everyone so that the party could go on. We weren’t making much progress, but there was one person I knew could make a difference. However, ran a shop specifically for pet owners. I needed to go in to talk to him, but I couldn’t. I stood outside, frozen. I wished that one of my friends would show up and do it for me, but I was alone.

Then I woke up.

Yep, I have a strange, strange subconscious.

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