August 17, 2011

Completely Normal, But Of Course.

I never watch television, but sometimes something comes into my field of vision and then I watch it. All the nice IRC people who originally got me to take the Pony Plunge and really fall in love with Friendship is Magic pulled me into another viewing party the other night, and showed me something called Regular Show. I had vaguely heard of this, but I knew nothing about it. However, just watching a few episodes with them made me fall in love. I watched basically everything else there was. It’s a pretty fantastic show.

Here, experience it for yourself.

Nothing about it is particularly like… laugh out loud hilarious? But there’s just a level of insanity that somehow is completely logical in the setting, and a pushing of what you can show in a TV PG show, that just makes it quite enjoyable. I mean, just take a look at the first episode. There’s absolutely no explanation of anything, really. This episode could appear anywhere in the show’s run. Yet you never really feel like you don’t have a grasp of what’s going on. The characters are so realistic to how people act, but yet they’re in a world that’s just fucked up. That’s pretty cool to me.

The show is very formulaic in a way. Something completely mundane or not sensible happens, and eventually some sort of supernatural or otherwise thing is born from this scenario, and the cast has to stop it. I can see the formula, but at the same time, it’s still surprising each time. Because everything is so disconnected from the logic of our reality, you’re never sure exactly what kind of monster they’re going to be facing. Yet, again, somehow it all makes some sort of sense. It’s pretty amazing.

I also just like how much it pushes the boundaries. The characters are obviously getting drunk fairly often, and there’s pretty clear sexual references, though just not explicitly. It just feels like a show that, if you added a few more cuss words to it, would probably stand up just fine on Adult Swim. It’s cool. Give it a watch.

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