June 1, 2011

None of My Word Processors Say “Couponing” Is A Word.

Going to try to write a blog post here in pages while I wait for my appointment. This, in some circles, is called “multitasking” or “making efficient use of your time.” We’ll see, I suppose.

During a family get together type situation, I was exposed to a show called Extreme Couponing. This show seriously follows people who do nothing but clip coupons and stockpile grocery items. Each episode follows two of these people as they go on a normal shopping trip for them. It is just flat-out crazy.

One of the bumpers for this show had a woman claiming that “my stockpile is almost as beautiful as my family” without a hint of irony in her voice. Another woman claimed that her gift for finding and using coupons was sent from God. She believed this was her one god-given talent. Another woman, who shopped at my local grocery store that I go to daily, bought 92 packages of croutons just because she had enough coupons to make them all free. I couldn’t look away from this sort of thing.

It’s also just amazing how the producers and editors of this show manage to insert drama into is ridiculous premise. They are putting dramatic music stings under things like a cashier forgetting to scan one coupon, or the store’s coupon policy only allowing the use of 250 coupons per transition. Oh no! It’s the stupidest shit, but sadly, it totally works, and pulling a 600 dollar grocery bill down to like 8 dollars is pretty insane to watch. You just stare with disbelief that these people would spend upwards of 30 hours a week couponing (which the iPad autocorrected to “coupling” at first, something I could better understand) and in even more disbelief that it works, and stores let this shit happen.

I guess this sort of stuff is how reality shows gain and keep an audience. I’m not about to spontaneously become a tv viewer or avid watcher of this show, but I salute TLC for making a show about a ridiculous premise that was fun for me to watch for a few hours.

You know, my “working through college” job is in customer service at a small town grocery store, and this show makes my life sad.
Confused old ladies who have possibly never used a coupon in their life watch this show, spend a day hoarding every coupon they can lay their hands on, and then come in and somehow try to get a cart full of groceries for free.
“Sorry ma’am, this coupon expired three years ago.”
“You can’t use these 32 coupons because you didn’t purchase any of these products.”

Also, the show seems to have taught people to ask for rain checks on our entire ad, and then freak the heck out when they can only have them for items we’re actually out of. A lady called the other day and asked if I would make out rain checks for all of the front page ad items and mail them to her. Not how that works. >___>

If someone actually managed to pull it off without breaking any rules though, that would be awesome.

Comment by Togii — June 6, 2011 @ 11:14 pm

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