September 24, 2008

I know I feel like change is happenin’…

I’m blogging from the computer lab at Grauel. Oh, how my free time has been diminished, to force me into this. So damn sad, it is. But hey, let me take this pre-class time to do a little bit of rambling, eh?

I guess I could write a list of things that my busy-ness is keeping me from. So here it is, eh?

  • Playing more of either of our two Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns.
  • Finishing up Dragon Quest IV before the next game I need comes out.
  • Playing all my turns in KoL and Twilight Heroes on a daily basis.
  • Sleeping.
  • Getting anywhere in Mega Man 9.
  • Blogging.
  • Spending time with online friends.
  • Keeping my moodiness under control.

Yeah, so that’s nice. I guess this is a complaining post, sorry about that.
I’ve just been really stressed out lately, you know? The last few nights, I get finally to the point where I can relax and I spend all of it all stressed and moody and bothering Brer about it. It’s been pretty ridiculous. But eh, let’s see, what are some positive things to counteract it…

  • I’ve been getting all my work done early and turning everything in and attending every single one of my classes.
  • I’ve got some really great games to enjoy when I do have free time.
  • I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands and doesn’t get frustrated when I come to him moody.

Yeah, that’s all I got I guess. I mean, those are good things. But dammit, I am already tired of this semester so bad, and there are 10 weeks left to go. Bleh.

I’ll tell you what, blog. I’ll try to write some nice stuff soonish, eh? Perhaps some rambling about Mega Man 9, or at the very least stuff about the new IoTMs next week. Or this or that or something or other. Soon. Maybe.

Anyway, what else do I have to talk about… well, Jonathan continues to try to pull me into this 3.5 edition DnD campaign that someone he kinda knows but not really wants to put together. I’m very, very wary of someone who would be unwilling to try the 4th edition rules, because they’re so much fun and cut away a lot of the stupid crap, and you can still use all the lore stuff from the older editions that they cut out, if lore gives you a big hard on, you know? So I’m wary of this campaign, and keep trying to hint at Jonathan to do it without me, but he’s bound and determined, and I would MIND, perse. I’m just not excited.
He keeps asking me what class I want to be and stuff, and I’m not all that excited about it. Anyone have any really fun builds? What I want is to be something I enjoy, even if it’s completely useless.┬áMy idea is to be a werefox with a fox familiar who is a dedicated healer, but that’s not actually possible I think. I really want the familiar, though. Anyone have any ideas who knows 3.5 edition for a build?

Eh, in the end, I probably don’t really care. It’s not like I have any time to set aside for the campaign I WANT to play, much less this one I don’t.
Ha ha!

I’m too damn busy.

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