August 6, 2010

Daring Escape, and Dream within a Dream Dreaming.

I don’t have anything interesting to say, so you get to hear about a dream instead.

I was some sort of wizard or witch, and I was being held captive in a castle and forced to work. I couldn’t remember anything about where I came from or what I was doing there. It was some sort of memory wipe, I had decided. However, I could still remember how to use magic, and due to incredible incompetence on the part of my captors, I still had my wand. So I bided my time, working away as a slave, preparing to break free.

Eventually, I got brought before my captor, and in a daring feat of wand-play, started fucking up the joint and blasting my way out of there Harry Potter Style. I soon escaped.

And then I woke up.

Now, when I say me, I mean my character in the dream. Because my character woke up, and was looking down on a miniature DnD dungeon version of the castle. It turned out that this was some sort of MGS Virtual Reality training for magic users. This capture scenario was a common one used in training.

I thought that was cool.

Dream time then flashed forward and I was then training people using this same board, only this time I was the dungeon master, moving pieces to manipulate their training and such.

Then I actually woke up.

Yeah, so… wizard VR training via Dungeons and Dragons. Sounds like a good plan. Let’s get that implemented.

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