February 19, 2008

Plans Succeed and are Formed! Also, I like KoL and Twilight Heroes.

So I’m still in a pretty good mood! So that’s neat.
I’m also happy to report that Project Get Involved In The Twilight Heroes Community goes well! The project basically worked around buying a Pouch of Many Lost Things and then buffing many random people in chat to give me something to talk about. And it’s working! I’m talking to people! And being weird. But it’s fun! There are a ton of nice people in the Twilight Heroes chat. It’s like all the nice people from KoL came over. It’s neat. I suppose my good mood helps with all that too… anyway, it goes well with that.
I just heard on the radio show that the March Item of the Month for KoL is going to be a familiar? This doesn’t really thrill me? I don’t generally get excited by familiars, I find, even though I got the P.R.E.S.S.I.E., and I love it. But I tend not to want more familiar… at the same time, Jick hinted at the mechanic, which sounds so weird I might have to pick one up. We’ll see. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the Item of the Month for Twilight Heroes is… I don’t know what the response to the Pouch was, and chances are it’ll be something more normal, again, like the Roderick’s equipment or something, but I can hope.
Man, maybe I should have a tag just for KoL and such talk.
Also of note is the fact that apparently EVERYONE wants to have an Endless Setlist party. So I’m going to try to get that going for March 1st, because it does sound fun and also, I am an achievement whore, and having that Endless Setlist on Hard achievement will make me happy. So mark your calendars, people! We’re playing the whole damn thing in a row! That’s… 2 hours and 21 minutes of music, according to my playlist of every song in non-DLCed Rock Band. Fun times!

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