August 23, 2010

It Begins Again

Today is the first day of school.


In Brer’s words, I have been “seriously depressed” all summer, and I’d mostly agree with that. As a result I don’t feel completely prepared for the semester to come. I feel like I’m stumbling forward into it.

Then again, I always feel that way when I haven’t done anything for a long while. I always feel lost until I’m in the thick of it, because it’s then that it’s not longer an unknown.

This semester should be less stressful in some ways. School should be less of a problem than it was last time. Much easier classes, and hopefully a much easier time. It should be way more stressful in others, though. Things are going to change. They’re really going to change.

They’re really going to change.

Looking at it, as always… scary as fuck. How many times have I written these words?

But I can do this. It begins. Life moves forward, and for the first fucking time, I am going to move forward. And at the end is my brother’s wedding, and all that jazz, and a visit from Brer.

I can do this. Just watch me.

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