March 31, 2012

My Incredible Intimacy Failure

Is it okay if I write about this, blog? I’m going to write about this, I think. Just don’t… you know. If it’s uncomfortable-making, don’t read it. As the title suggests, it’s about sex. So, you know. Aesa and I were laying together in a bed, as people in a relationship who live together at […]

March 30, 2012

I Am Playing My “Captain Picard Is Watching You” Card.

The Resistance is shockingly simple, but a lot of fun. It’s basically Mafia, but it’s designed so that nobody ever “dies” and is removed from the game in order to keep everyone involved, which I can certainly see as a benefit. It has a bunch of cards, but they’re mostly just for bookkeeping and voting […]

March 29, 2012

Portable Skylanders Mechanics: Not As Satisfying

I’m probably going to write more about Skylanders 3DS once I beat it, as well as do another review of all the new Skylanders I have because I am ridiculous and bought so many. However, I just feel like I should comment on how the 3DS game works mechanically, because I find it really interesting. […]

March 28, 2012

Shooting Bottles Is Exactly Like Having Sex.

How about that Mass Effect 3, eh? That’s a relevant topic, right? Mass Effect 3? Right? Yeah, spoilers or whatever, so keep that in mind. Mass Effect 3 was okay. I was Commander Shepard, and I shot a lot of dudes and then there was an ending. First off, let me just say that I […]

March 27, 2012

Rapid Fire Ramblings: Dumb Work Processes, Collection, Student Push.

RAPID FYAAAAAAAAAA! Okay, never doing that again. We have this new process at work that is going to add like an hour to every single shift, and it just flat-out pisses me off. Everybody has to carry this printout with all these prices on it. When we come to specific signs listed on this printout, […]

March 26, 2012

We Are All Horrible People. It’s Lovely.

Cards Against Humanity is the best game. Okay, let me back up here. Apples to Apples is a card game many people like for these reasons: 1) It’s really simple to learn. 2) It feels creative, even though, most of the time there is no creativity involved. (There can be if you play the game […]

March 25, 2012

Disconnect Between Flavor and Mechanics: A Problem? Maybe?

I’m playing this game of Arkham Horror over a forum, and it’s a lot of fun. But recently it’s just kind of occurring to me how messed up the gameplay of this game is as compared to the flavor. My character in this game is Minh Thi Phan. She’s a secretary who stumbles across a […]

March 24, 2012

Birthday Status Report

I guess I’m older today? That’s cool. Anyway, most of the party times were last night, and it all went pretty damn well. We went out to eat fancy with my parents and grandparents at Olive Garden, of course. I got this grilled Parmesan chicken in a weird Parmesan wine sauce, which was fucking fantastic, […]

March 23, 2012

Adventures in Introduction to College Reading

Sometimes I am just at a loss at what to do to help the students in my reading class. Here’s the current situation. The chapter I’m teaching is called “Relationships” and it involves seeing what sort of organizational structure a paragraph uses. Here’s how a typical question in this chapter would go. The student would […]

March 22, 2012

Links? Unbelievable. But You Should Believe.

You’re getting links today. Sorry! I’ve kind of ended up taking the day off. Well, sort of. I still work all day. But I’m not taking on any more work! So here’s some nice links for your clicking pleasure. The most important question: What would Molydeux? It’s animated gif corner! We have only the finest […]